Question 1: Create a Python program that simulates a basic library book management system. Your program should: (a) Initialize a list called library books with at least ten book titles. Each book consists of ID, Title, authors, and the year it was published. The book attributes are represented by the storage location. The book ID is stored first, followed by the title, authors, and the year it was published. Example output, when you print the bookstore, should look like the following, but please ensure that you add different books and at least ten entries: [('001", "Introduction to Chemistry', 'John Smith', 201), ('002", 'Software Engineering', 'Ian Sommerville', 200), ('003¹, *Functional Programming', ('Jack Widman", "Ahmad Yusif'), 2023)] (b) Implement a function called display_books that takes the library books list as a parameter and prints all the books in the library. Ensure that for each book, you print the ID, title, authors, and the year it was published. The following figure shows an example output of the display_books function ID: 001 Title: Introduction to Chemistry Authors: John Smith Year: 201 ID: 002 Title: Software Engineering Authors: Ian Sommerville Year: 200 ID: 003 Title: Functional Programming Authors: Jack Widman, Ahmad Yusif Year: 2023

Fig: 1