Question 1.questions following:Use the following information about some vectors in R³ to answer the x=(2,-1,3) \text { and } y=(-3,2,2) \mathbf{x} \cdot \mathbf{w}=7 \quad \mathbf{y} \cdot \mathbf{w}=-2 \quad \mathbf{u} \times \mathbf{v}=(4,-2,4) \text { (a) Find }(x \times y) \times w \text { (b) Find }(x \times v) \cdot u \text {. } \text { (c) Find }(2 u-5 v) \times(3 u+2 v) (d) The area of the parallelogram with vertex at the origin, determined by u+ kv and ku +v is 48. What are the possible values of k?

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