Question 3. (30 points) A cold-pressed juice company produces four different flavors of juice:peach, mango, strawberry, and raspberry. Each batch of drinks is produced in the same large vat,which must

be cleaned prior to switching flavors. One day is required for the cleaning process.At the current time they have the following outstanding orders of drinks: It takes one day to produce the drink and a maximum of 100 gallons can be produced at onetime. Cleaning is required only when flavors are switched. The production for one flavor will be completed prior to beginning production for another flavor. Cleaning is always started at the beginning of a day. Suppose that if peach or mango flavor is produced after raspberry or strawberry flavor, an extra day of cleaning is required. For that reason, they decide that the peach and mango flavors will be produced before the raspberry and strawberry flavors.Find the optimal sequencing of the flavors to minimize the maximum tardiness using Lawler's algorithm.

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