Question 4: (12 points) Format: • Remember: Möbius does not check your method, and matrix computations are fiddly. Make sure to check your answers carefully before submitting. . If your answer is a vector, enter it as a column vector using the vector/matrix palette tool. a. Showhide Find d such that det A-0, where A=0d -1 30 10 d= b. Showhide Now, and for the remainder of this question, instead set d = 12, so 4 3 13 Y A=0 12 30 10, Calculate the matrix of cofactors for the matrix A. matrix of cofactors c. Showhide Use the information above to find the inverse matrix A-¹, employing the method of cofactors. (This part still uses that d - 12 ) A-1 = d. Showhide Use your answer from the previous part to solve the matrix equation 4 3 131 90-0 0 12 30 10 need full solution with final answer on the box POF

Fig: 1