Question 5: Unit Cost Estimation (20 points) An industrial project uses CSI 33 41 13.40. 1,000 L.F. of 18-inch diameter 16 gauge corrugated metal pipe and 500 L.F. of 24-inch diameter 14 gauge corrugated metal pipe need to be installed.You are a subcontractor supplying the contractor with a crew of B-14 and need to develop a detailed estimate for the bid that will be submitted in 5 days. Since the project is in Lagos,Nigeria, you need to triple the percentages for overhead, contingency and profit. a) Duration (crew days) for 18 inch pipe: b) Duration (crew days) for 24 inch pipe: c) Duration (labor hours) for 18 inch pipe: d) Duration (labor hours) for 24 inch pipe: e) Unit cost ($) for 18 inch pipe: f) Unit cost ($) for 24 inch pipe: g) Total cost of the project ($):

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