Question 7 Find the limit, if it exists. Evaluate the following limit x-2 02 O Does not exist Oxim 1x) Ox) lim x) Question 11 Question 8 Question 10 Use or where appropriate to describe the behavior at each zero of the denominator and identify all vertical asymptotes. 8x) O 14 06 O 10 O Does not exist Question 12 Provide an appropriate response. Find the horizontal asymptote, if any, of the given function. 1x)-2-3-9 Sở Ban Oy=0 Of(x) lim fx)=x0 is a vertical asymptote f(x)= x)=x6 is a vertical asymptote None 01 03 O Continuous at all values of x6 is a vertical asymptote x6 is a vertical asymptote Ox=2 Ox-1 Ox=1 Ox=0 Provide an appropriate response. Use a graphing utility to find the discontinuities of the given rational function. fo= Question 14 List the x-values in the graph at which the function is not differentiable. Solve the problem. The cost of manufacturing a particular videotape is C(x) = 9000+ 9x, where x is the number of tapes produced. The average cost per tape, denoted by Cox), is found by dividing Cx) by x. Find im Co x-9000 Final answer needed PDF Question 13 Question 9 Provide an appropriate response. Determine where the function(x)=2x-3 is continuous. °[- (-) O Provide an appropriate response. Question 15 Determine where the function Hox) - O (-,-3) 0 (32)U(2-) O(-3) U (-3,2) U (2,-) O (-*, -3) U (-3,2) 0-1 Find the limit. Determine the limit. limfod where fix)-10 is continuous. 1 points Question 16 The graph of a function f is given. Use the graph to answer the question. Use the graph off given below to find (8). Save Answer 1 points Save Ans

Fig: 1