Question: Identify the best location for a new bus stop in King County, WA with census 2020 data. Data: Metro bus stop point data (Transit Stops for King County_Metro.csv Download Transit Stops_for_King_County_Metro.csv ), Census Block Group Shape data ( • Links to an external site. ), Census 2020 attribute data for Households with no vehicle access (B08201_002E) and total population (B01003_001E) in census tract units Download this Jupyter notebook Download this Jupyter notebook and open it in your Jupyter Lab. Produce code, table, map, or text accordingly for each step. In case, the content of notebook is also available in HTML, and you can read it here. (total 20 points) 1. Successful module preparation (2pts) 2. Successful data load (3pts) 3. Identify block groups with bus stops (3pts) 4. Identify block groups with no bus stops (3pts) 5. Dissolve block groups to census tracts. Merge data with attribute table. (3pts) 6. Compute no vehicle rate and population density (3pts) 7. Filter data geographically and present the result. (3pts) When your code returns an error, explain the purpose of code block and the error. You will earn at least 1 point Please note that this location selection methodology is limited to apply in a real-world situation as many other aspects need to be considered.

Fig: 1