Reflection and Application Guidelines and Expectations In addition to the book chapters, consider ideas you've gleaned from videos, professional journal articles, blog posts, etc. Respond to/address the following in your Reflection and Application: • Share your overall thoughts, reactions, and reflections to ideas presented in the readings. Share what resonates, what prompts your thinking, what challenges you, what raises concerns, what questions and wonderings you have about revision, conferring, feedback, and assessment, etc. o In what ways might you apply teaching methods related to revision, conferring, feedback, and assessment? Discuss at least two or three ideas/approaches/practices from the readings that you would like to integrate into your classroom routines and instruction. o What ideas do you have for integrating some of the practices and approaches discussed in the readings along with school and/or district "curriculum" and/or expectations? • Share anything else you're contemplating in response to the readings and resources about revision, conferring, feedback, and assessment. Format: Select one of the following formats for your reflection • Written reflection and application (approximately three to four pages) - ! ! ! ! !

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