Required Reading/Viewing On the one hand, we can appreciate Julie Taymor for depicting Latinos as intellectuals. This is perhaps one of the first Hollywood and pop culture films to do so. In Gregory Naxa's Mi Familia, we did get a sense of a critique of Y.S imperialism as it relate to the war in in El Salvador. However, the actors never offer an intellectual articulation of their politics. In Julie Taymer's Frida, on the other hand, we do get somewhat of an articulation. It could have used more, but we only get attraction and failure of socialism and communism as opposed to capitalism. Julie Taymor. Frida (2002): BelcLinks to an external s Here are some things to consider. In what ways, does the film (director) try to be honest to history but in what ways does he underscore their own contradiction in the film. Here are the main questions: You can interchange these question with one answer. QUESTION: In what ways does this film represent a Latino critique of global affairs from the perspective of Latinx peoples? In what ways does it fall short. QUESTION: On the one hand, the film's characters seem to be critical of Capitalism, but in what ways does Capitalism triumphs?|| Answer: Capitalism may or may not triumph per say but it does triumph indirectly in that it minimizes or challenges communism. How?

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