Section C: Problems in Basic Reactor Engineering Question C1: Batch reactor The following gas phase, first-order, irreversible reaction is undertaken in a batch reactor, of volume V. A → B+C At the temperature of interest, the rate constant for the reaction is 0.23 s*. How long should the reaction proceed in the reactor for the rate of conversion of A to be 90% with the initial pressure being (i) 1.0 atm, and (ii) 50 atm? Question C2: Plug-flow reactor The following irreversible, first-order, gas phase reaction occurs at a constant temperature T, and a constant pressure P, in a plug-flow reactor, of volume 2.0 m³. A → 2B Under these conditions, the rate constant is 0.69 min¹ What volume flow rate of A is required for its conversion to be 99% ? Question C3: Continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) For the second-order, liquid phase, irreversible reaction, 2A → B a CSTR is used. Under operating conditions, the rate constant for the reaction is 3.0 mol¹¹ m³ s¹². What is the volume of the reactor required to achieve an 80% conversion of the reactant in a single-pass, if the flow rate of A is 0.2 L s* and its concentration is 1.0 mol L¹?