Start the mass oscillating. Use the vector arrows to observe the spring force, the gravitational force and the net force. 5. Set the simulation to slow, pull down the mass by a measured amount (using the ruler) and release it. Note the amount you displaced the mass. Qualitatively describe the motion. Where isthe center of the oscillation? [1 pt] 6. Predict the period of the oscillation, given the value determined in problem 4. [1 pt] 7. To accurately determine the period, you want to let the spring oscillate many times, so that yo u can get an average period. Pull the mass down by 10 cm. Using the stopwatch, determine how ong it takes for the spring to complete 10-20 periods. Determine the oscillation period by taking that total time and dividing by the number of oscillations/periods you counted. [1 pt] 8. Pull the mass down twice as far as before and determine the oscillation period using the same method as in problem #7. Did the period change? [1 pt]

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