1. How does the Stratford festival price itself for Sponsorship? Consider the strategies and clarify the methodology they use to attract sponsors. Consider promotions, also their high and low season, subscriptions, packages for attendees that might attract Sponsors.

2. The product can be a tangible and a intangible product or service. What are the attributes of the product and service they are selling to sponsors? What are the benefits to the sponsors? Is there a number of innovative products and services that can be offered to sponsors, what would you suggest to add to the mix?

3. The Place, location, the festival has chosen to hold their business in Stratford. How has this location placed them in a unique marketplace in the competing market of sponsorship?

4. Promotion: The Stratford Festival has an overall successful marketing mix that appeals to many target markets, is this a strength or weakness in our present pandemic situation? How are they staying connected with their sponsors in this type of pandemic environment?

How do they measure up in a SWOT analysis?

5. Stratford has learned how to pivot in this new Pandemic environment. Have they been able to maintain their goals and objectives with their outdoor performances? Explain how? Use charts and graphs where applicable.