Task 2: Mandatory Exit Activity Part 1 - Questions: For the 1-week period determine the following: 1. Total number of vehicles which passed the detector 2. Average, median, and mode speed of the vehicle which passed the detector 3. The most vehicles which passed the detector during any given 15-minute period 4. How many observations for speed were left blank Task 2: Mandatory Exit Activity Part 2: In the same Excel workbook, create a new a worksheet and label it "Problem 2". Convert the quantities on the following slide to the units shown. First attempt to use the CONVERT function. If CONVERT does not work, identify either a different function or series of formulas that may be used to accomplish the conversion. Setup your spreadsheet so that you can change the quantities and the unit conversion will be updated automatically. Hardcoded answers will not receive credit. Format your spreadsheet so that the variable cell inputs are clear to a user (i.e., color or shade them) and be sure to label the units of all inputs and outputs. Task 2: Mandatory Exit Activity Part 2 - Complete the following unit conversions: a. 2 cm to m b. 40 m³ to ft³ c. 3800 N to lbf d. 400 kPa to psi e. 50 m/s to mph f. 2 acre to ft² g. 3.74 rad to decimal degrees h 9.81 m/s² to ft/s² i. 2000 kg/m³ to lbm/ft³ j. 102 kip to lbf