TASK INSTRUCTIONS: Length: 2 Sources (150 words per annotation) What's the purpose of an annotated bibliography? • To gather and summarize information about a topic you are researching into one document • To create a quick reference sheet which will remind you of what your various sources argued and how they are useful to your paper • To preserve a record of research about your topic which may be shared with others in your field Who is the audience? • Yourself, in that the document will help you in your own writing and research • Others (including your instructor) who might be interested in reading an overview of the topic you researched. For this reason, clarity, professionalism and neatness are important in an annotated bibliography. How to do it: • Make an MLA works cited list of two or more relevant sources you've found on your topic. Then, beneath each citation, write an annotation paragraph: 1) a summary of the theme or purpose of the source, 2) and evaluation of the authors background or authority, 3) a comment on the intended audience, 4) a comparison of this source to a previously cited source, (DO NOT DO THIS) 5) an explanation of how the source helps define complicate or clarify the topic. • Organize your citations alphabetically by author using hanging indentations. You are encouraged to use to help you put each entry in the appropriate format. All types of sources have different types of citations, so be sure to enter the information in the appropriate category. • To make your bibliography easy to read, please bold the citation but leave the annotation paragraph unbolted it will make everything easier on the eyes. Your Task: • Minimum of two sources. • Annotations should relate to your research argument topic.

Fig: 1