\text { If in the double integral } \int_{-2}^{2} \int_{5}^{9-x^{2}}\left(x^{6}-y^{2}\right) d y d x \text { if we change the order of } integration, then which of the following gives the new double integral? \int_{-3}^{3} \int_{-\sqrt{9-y}}^{\sqrt{9-y}}\left(x^{6}-y^{2}\right) d x d y \int_{5}^{9} \int_{-\sqrt{9-y}}^{\sqrt{9-y}}\left(x^{6}-y^{2}\right) d x d y \int_{5}^{9} \int_{-\sqrt{9-y}}^{0}\left(x^{6}-y^{2}\right) d x d y \int_{5}^{9} \int_{0}^{\sqrt{9-y}}\left(x^{6}-y^{2}\right) d x d y

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