The conduction heat transfer in an extended surface, known as a fin, yields the following equation for the temperature T, if the temperature distribution is assumed to be one-dimensional in

x,where x is the distance from the base of the fin, as shown infigure: Here, p is the perimeter of the fin, being 2tR for a cylindrical fin of radius R; A is the cross-sectional area, being 1R² for a cylindrical fin; k is the thermal conductivity of the material; - is the ambient fluid temperature; and h in the convective heat transfer coefficient. The boundary conditions are as follows: where L is the length of the fin. Solve this equation to obtain TO by using Euler's method for R=1 cm, h = 2 o W'+ m, k =15 W/m, L=2cm, '. = 8and T. = 2 0

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