) The exothermic reaction A → B+C was carried out adiabatically, and the following data were recorded: a) What are the PFR and CSTR volumes necessary to achieve 50% conversion? Shade the areas forboth reactors on the Levenspiel plot. b) Over what range of conversions would the CSTR and PFR reactor volumes be identical and what would be the volume? Shade the areas for both reactors on the Levenspiel plot. c) What combination of one CSTR and one PFR would minimize the total reactor volume needed to achieve 70% conversion? Shade the areas for both reactors on the Levenspiel plot and determine the volume for each reactor. The entering molar flow rate of A was 50 mol/min. Construct a Levenspiel plot in Excel using this data with the F40 value included on the y-axis. Connect each point with straight lines. Prepare three copies of this plot and use one to answer each of the following. All quantities need two significant figures.

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