The figure represents a Wide flange W24x62 beam, subject to the bending load shown in Figure Due to constructions restrictions the beam will be fabricated from to pieces, spliced at the length of beam of 4 feet, from the left side, as shown in figure. The beam if fabricated from steel AISIS, 1020CD. Design the splice with a factor of safety of 1.5, from the beam original structural rigidity. a. Select the material of the splice plate b. Select the initial dimensions for the splice plates. c. Select the bolts for the joint, dimensions and grade d. Select the bolts pattern (bolts distribution and number), e. Design de Joints for the types of load at flanges and web. (bolt size, length, bolt stiffness, joint stiffens) f. Determine all the static factors of safety for the modes of failure. g. Assuming that load is repeated determine the fatigue factor of safety by modified Goodman criteria.

Fig: 1