The shaft ABC is supported by two journal bearings, L and K, while the shaft EH of diameter 80-mmis fixed at E and supported by a journal bearing at H. The support K is placed half distance between gears A and B, and the support L is placed half distance between gears B an C. As shown in the figure the torques T1 and T2 are applied at the gears C and A respectively. If both shafts are made of a material having an allowable shear stress of 50 MPa and a shear modulus G, it is required to do the following: 1- Draw the free-body diagram of the shafts ABC and EH. 2- Find the reactions at bearings Kand L. 3- Draw the shear force, bending moment and torque diagrams for shaft ABC. 4- Analyze the drawings to find the critical points in the shaft. 5- Use the maximum-shear-stress theory to find the shaft diameter to the nearest cm. 6- Check your design for the following new requirement. If the angle of twist at gears A and Ci snot to exceed 0.04 radians, state if the design is safe or not, and explain your answer. If it is found not safe, suggest solutions to have a safer design.

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