Then, the rays from the sun will meet water droplets in the air in the distance in front ofyou. The rays will first bend as they travel from the air into the water droplet (change in medium). Second, some of the bent rays will bounce off the of the water droplet rather than travel out the back into the air. Third, the bounced rays will bend again as they exit the front of the water droplet and enter air again (change in medium). These three steps result in the separation of colors that we see as a rainbow.This process is diagrammed below. Light is an example of electromagnetic waves. The person's eye absorbs the photon of the incoming rays and interprets as different colors. This is an example of the particle nature of EM waves. Decide if the following characteristics of light are examples of the wave nature or particle nature of EM waves. The frequency of the light. The wavelength of the light. You may use an answer more than once and you may use an answer not at all.

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