For your MQP project you are asked to stundy fluid (wind)) flow over the tall cylinder shaped smokestack near Boynton Hall on the WPI campus. Cylinders (or smokestacks) in a fluid flow shed rotating fluid (vortices) at some shedding frequency f (in rad/sec) which is the dependent variable in this problem. Other important physical parameters include the fluid density p, the cylinder diameter d, and the oncoming wind speed V. Use p, V and d as repeating variables. There is one important physical parameter missing from my physical description. Name it. b. Use your complete list of physical parameters to complete a dimensional analysis to find two II groups (non-dimensional parameters) that govern this problem. c. What is the required wind tunnel air velocityс. If you measure a shedding frequency of 5,400 radians/sec in the wind tunnel, what shedding frequency would you expect from the smokestack?

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