Thursday afternoon, Johnathan who is Mike's team leader, went up to Mikes' desk and asked him to simplify the report he had submitted the day before. Mike was not happy

that he had to rewrite the report he had been working on for weeks under Jonathan's supervision, yet he still agreed to redo it. Then, Jonathan told him that he needs the revised report before the end of the day. Mike look at him and was speechless for a moment, but then he gathered his emotions and told him that finishing the document before 5 o'clock was impossible. Jonathan nodded and said: "I understand, but this is what David wants and the boss gets what the boss wants". In a paragraph of 250 to 300 words explain: What is wrong with the scenario described above? What traits of a leader are present or absent? Which of the 5 traits (from the Leadership slides) did you notice? What would you have done in the same situation? Have you even been involved in a similar situation? Give examples from your personal experience.

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