To receive credit for these derivations, you must clearly show all steps of your work. You should include text to explain each step, in addition to your equations. Also, draw

sketches when they would aid your explanation. It would be beneficial to read Section 23. 1 and watch the videos as you complete this assignment. In both cases, you must fully derive the equation for the electric field from the equation \overrightarrow{\boldsymbol{E}}=\boldsymbol{k}_{\boldsymbol{c}} \int \frac{\boldsymbol{d} \boldsymbol{q}}{\boldsymbol{r}^{2}} \hat{\boldsymbol{r}} 1. Consider a quarter-circular, very thin, curved rod with a uniform linear charge density, A, and a radius, r. Derive an equation for the magnitude of the electric field at the point, P, at the center curvature of the rod, as shown in the figure below. Write your final answer in terms of A and r, and simplify your answer as much as possible.

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