. Two objects undergo a collision in which their combined linear momentum is con-served. Object 1 has a mass of 4.00 kg and a velocity before the collision of 71i(15.0, 30.0, 0) m/s. Object 2 has a mass of 2.00 kg and its velocity before the colli-sion is v2i = (-10.0, 5.00, 0) m/s. After the collision object 1 has a velocity v1,f =(-5.00, 20.0, 0) m/s. (a) [5] Use the conservation of linear momentum principle to calculate the velocity of object 2 after the collision. Show all step starting with P; = Pf. Report your numerical vector answer in component form. (b) [10] State whether the collision is Elastic or Inelastic, and present a calculation that provides numerical proof of your answer.

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