Water is being pumped at a rate of 0.05 m/s as shown in the figure below from a lower reservoir to a higher reservoir with an elevation difference of 60 m. The pipe is made out of cast iron with a diameter of 0.2 m and a total length of 150 m. The loss coefficients were determined to be 1.5 for each pipe elbow, 1.0 for the pipe exit, 0.8 for the pipe inlet, and 5.0 for the valve. If the kinematic viscosity and the density of water were 1×10^-6 m^2/s and 1000 kg/m³ respectively,calculate, a) The Reynolds number of the flow inside the pipe (Re) and find out if the flow is laminar or turbulent. b) The head loss for the whole pipe; h c) The required pump head in meter; hpump.u d) The required pump power in Watts; Wpump.u e) If the pump efficiency was 85%, find the pump shaft power; Wpump

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