What can you say about the head losses and flow rates for pipes in series. b) A reservoir is located 100 m above datum and supplies water to a town 12 km away,via 2 pipes and a junction as shown in Figure Q3.

Name and write out the general equation used to calculate the head loss due to friction in pipes. Give both forms of the equation (in terms of velocity, U and flow rate, Q). Explain all the terms and units. if the total head loss from the reservoir to the town was actually measured experimentally, would you expect this value to be the same as the value-calculated using the general equation described above? Explain your reasoning. Given that the flow rate, Q₁ from the reservoir to the junction, J is 0.025 m³/s.What is the head loss in both pipes and the head at the junction, J? The total head at the town was measured experimentally and found to be 20mabove datum. What is the total head loss between the 2 reservoirs? What is the value of the other losses in the system and where would these losses occur?

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