) When a saturated liquid experiences an is enthalpic(constant enthalpy) drop in pressure (e.g. saturated liquid water flowing through a valve) it will create something called flash steam. It happens

nearly instantaneously as a portion of the flow turns to steam. In this problem, you have saturated liquid water (this means x, = 0) at 2.0 MPa.It flows through an isenthalpic valve and exits at 1.0 MPa. a. Using EES, solve for the temperature of the flow after it exits the valve, and the percentage of flash steam.. b. Using EES, create a parametric table to solve for arange of ending pressures. This range should start at2.00 MPa and go to atmospheric pressure in intervals of 0.1 MPa. c. In EES, make a plot that shows steam quality (verticala xis) as a function of ending pressure (horizontal axis). d. In EES, make a plot that shows valve exit temperature[°C] (vertical axis) as a function of ending pressure(horizontal axis). e. Use EES to create a p-h (pressure-enthalpy) diagram for water that focuses on saturation behavior up to the critical point. This should show lines of constant quality, as well as isotherms at: 80, 100, 180, 212.4,275, and 373.9 [°C]. Double click on the pressure axis and change the limits to 1E-02 and 1E+02 f. Illustrate/explain how you can use this chart to validate your solution.

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