Write one page for each question. Use APA. Use the reading materials that I have attached. The attached materials are required to answer the questions below. 1. What hidden cultural aspects might you discover in how children communicate? How will you recognize these cultural aspects of communication and language for children in your classroom and then how will you respond? Use week 4 materials attached. 2. Consider the diversity of cultures and think about what elements of culture can be used to guide interactions with children and families in an early childhood program. Why are these elements of culture important? Use week 5 materials attached. 3. Reflect on your personal learning style. How does your learning style influence how you teach and interact with the children in your learning environment? What does this mean for the children whose learning style differs from yours? Use week 6 materials attached. 4. What are some ways that your current practices reflect anti-bias curriculum and cultural awareness? What are some ways that you will improve your current practices based on the readings from this course? Use all materials attached. A

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