Written Assignment Review the Leblanc et al. (2022) article provided below, which is an example of a scholarly journal article using a mixed-methods research design. Read the article with specific attention to the study's methodology. Kindly answer the following 1. Review the research questions and the study objectives. Report whether or not the mixed-methods design was the appropriate choice for the study's questions and objectives. 2. Discuss the benefits and limitations of using the mixed methods in the study. 3. Reflect on any changes you might make to the study to improve its design. Your paper will be assessed based on: Revision of research questions and the study objectives, and whether the mixed-methods design was an appropriate design choice. Discussion on the benefits or limitations the use of mixed-methods brings to the study. Reflection on any changes you might have made to the study to improve its design. Organization and style (including APA form atting) Submit a paper that is at least 2 pages in length exclusive of the reference page, double-spaced using 12-point Times New Roman font. The paper must cite a minimum of two sources in APA form at and be well-written. Check all content for grammar, spelling and be sure that you have properly cited all resources (in APA format) used.

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