You are to create a C++ program for an airline ticket booking system prototype that displays a simple menu of 2 options, (1) Booking, (2) Exit. The program should make use of the following void functions. (1) display menu: which displays a list of the above two available options and lets the passenger select one of the options. (2) booking: asks for the passenger first name, last name,passport number, seat preference (isle vs window), and checks the number of the available/freeseats in the current flight (you can initialise the number of free seats to anything - e.g. 2 seats). (3)issue ticket: is to issue a ticket containing the above booking details (i.e., name, passport, etc), and also prints flight number (initialised to 1101), ticket number, the remaining/free seats in the current flight. (4) exit: is to stop the system from running. The passenger/client can do as many booking ass/he wants, but if no seats are available in the current flight, the system should move automatically to the next flight. For example, the Flight number in (Sample input / output 1) screenshot is set tobe 1101, whereas the Flight number in (Sample input / output 2) screenshot is 1102, as 1101 does not have any seat left unoccupied for the new booking. Hence, the system moved to the new flight.



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