You wish to add two 4-bit numbers. You have half adders andfull adders available to use as components. Draw a blockdiagram of your 4-bit adder, using both half and full adders.Do not draw a gate-level diagram. Show and label all inputsand outputs. . Assume that a half adder has a maximum propagation delayof A, and a full adder has a maximum propagation delay of 2A.What is the maximum propagation delay for your 4-bit adder,from LSB input to MSB output? C. A 32-bit ripple carry adder is realized using 32 identical FullAdders (FA). The carry- propagation delay of each FA is 13nsec and the sum-propagation delay of each FA is 17 nsec.What is the worst case delay (in nsec) of this 32-bit adder. Discuss the principle of the Carry Look-Ahead Adder (CLAA).Write and explain the expression for the carry-output of a 4-bitcarry look ahead adder.

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