Final Project - SustainabilitySustainability is formally defined as "meeting the needs of the present without compromisingthe ability of future generations to meet their own needs" (Brundtland Comission 1987, OurCommon Future, England: Oxford University Press). A number of the current grand challengesfor engineering established by the National Academy of Engineering (see address topics in the theme of sustainability( EUUF4). The challenges range from energy and waterto global warming and urban infrastructure. Engineering designs and products have directimpacts on the environment, economies, and societies, with both short- and long-termconsequences. Engineers can help influence the development of the world, steering it into amore sustainable path through improvement of existent infrastructure and new productdesigns. Your goal is to identify opportunities for sustainability improvements in an area of your choice:transportation, construction, minerals and rare earth metals, energy production, waterresources, plastics, or food waste. You will be work individually to: 1. Perform a literature search to understand current needs and technological approaches. 2 Identify opportunities for implementing state-of-the-art sustainability improvements inyour chosen area. 3. Write a paper summarizing the sustainability opportunities uncovered. Your paper should first provide the background of the selected case, reasons for your selection,your recommendations for improving its sustainability, and the potential impacts of your solution. You will also need to include any cost estimate for your solution implementation, and try to convince the audience why you think the cost can justify the benefits in return. a. Minimum 5 pages in length – 12-point font, no more than 1.5 spaced, standard margins. May include small figures, if the source is properly cited. Must include References at the end of the paper.

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