Your task is to design logic controller for a bike share program. The bike share logic controller should operate asfollows. There will be a two sensors and a keypad. One sensor will detect the presence of a bicycle. The secondsensor will detect the presence of a person. A keypad will accept codes to unlock the bicycle. There is a LCD screen and a mechanical locking mechanism. If there is no person present, the system enters sleep mode, the LCD will turns off, and the bicycle remains locked. If a person is present and enters the correct code, the display will say "Bike Unlocked" and the bicycle will be unlocked. If a person enters the wrong code,the display will say "Enter a valid code" and the bicycle will remain locked. If a person is present, but there is no bicycle, the LCD display will say "No bikes available". (a) How many inputs does this system have? List the inputs. (b) How many states can this system be in? List all of the states. (c) How many outputs will there be? (d) Write the sum of products for all outputs. (e) Construct a Karnaugh map (k-map) for all outputs. (f) Generate the simplified Boolean equations for all outputs from all the k-maps. (g) Draw a logic circuit for all outputs.

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