Fluid Mechanics

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About Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics is the study of fluid either in motion (Fluid Dynamics) or at rest (Fluid Statics) and the subsequent effects of the fluid upon the boundaries, which may be either solid surface or interface with other fluids.

From the point of view of fluid mechanics, all matter consists of only two states, fluid and solid.

A solid can resist a shear stress by static deformation; a fluid cannot. Any shear stress applied to a fluid, no matter how small, will result in motion of that fluid. The fluid moves and deforms continuously as long as shear stress is applied.

There are two different points of view in analyzing problems in mechanics. The first view, appropriate to fluid mechanics, is concerned with the field of flow and is called the eulerian method of description. In the eulerian method we compute the pressure field p (x, y, z, t) of the flow pattern, not the pressure change p(t) which a particle experiences as it moves through the field. The second method, which follows an individual particle moving through the flow, is called the lagrangian description. The lagrangian approach is more appropriate to solid mechanics.

Thermodynamic Properties of a Fluid:

Non-Newtonian Fluids : Fluids which do not follow the linear law are called non Newtonian fluids.

Flow Pattern :

Buoyancy :

The Frictionless Flow: The Bernoulli Equation

It is closely related to the steady flow energy equation is a relation between pressure, velocity and elevation in a frictionless flow = const. Assumptions for Bernoulli Equation:

  1. Steady Flow
  2. Incompressible flow
  3. Frictionless flow
  4. Flow along a streamline
  5. No shaft work
  6. No heat transfer

Viscous Flow in Ducts:

Laminar flow is characterized by smooth streamlines, and highly ordered motion. Turbulent flow is characterized by velocity fluctuation and highly disordered motion.

Reynolds Number:

The transition from laminar to turbulent flow depends on the geometry, surface roughness, flow velocity, surface temperature, type of fluid. The ratio of inertia force to viscous force is called Reynold no.

For the flow through pipe,
Re < 2300, laminar flow
2300 < Re < 4000 transition flow
Re> 4000 turbulent flow

Surface Tension:

A liquid, being unable to expand freely, will form an interface with a secondary liquid or gas. Molecules deep within the liquid repel each other because of their close packing. Molecules at the surface are less dense and attract each other. Since half of their neighbors are missing, the mechanical effect is that they are in tension. If a cut of length dl is made in an interfacial surface, equal and opposite forces of magnitude Ydl are exposed to normal to cut and parallel to surface, where Y is called the coefficient of surface tension.

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