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  Paraphrasing is using a different set of words to describe an idea or topic so that the meaning of the entire writing piece becomes clearer. ‘Paraphrase’ means additional manner of explanation. Context of the main text is clarified when a text is paraphrased. It is much more detailed than giving a summary of any text.
While paraphrasing one must keep the main idea of the sentence intact. The overall meaning should remain same and much appears much simpler than it was earlier. Generally holy books are paraphrased so that general people understand the gist of these books which conveys very difficult concepts in the original books.
Generally students are asked to write some concepts in their ‘own words’. Teachers want students to understand the concepts and write them down in their own words in much simpler words than what is originally written in the text book. This is basically paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is also used as a tool by the teachers as they can assess how much a student has understood by the level of simplification of the book text when a child paraphrases.
Paraphrasing is used by the researchers also. They paraphrase the already done research in order to simplify it and make it relevant to their own work.
In order to paraphrase a text following steps should be followed:
1.     Try to understand the main text as clearly as you can. In order to do it read the main text several times.
2.     Jot down the important points or highlight them.
3.     Once you have understood the main text clearly write down everything in your own words and personalise it to an extent that it reflects your voice.
4.     Compare both the texts and identify any similarities in the sentence formations or spot any repetition of the same set of words. Make all the desired changes at this stage.
5.     Jot down the source and all the information required for proper citation of the text.
If you are new to this here are some tips you might follow in order to paraphrase correctly.
        	Start your version of write-up from the main idea. Instead of changing just the first sentence, try to start your sentence with the gist of the main text. Change the original words with the synonyms. Change the flow of the main text. Experiment with the structure of the main text. Break the sentences into smaller sentences where you think there are complex sentences in the main text. Club smaller sentences together to make a big sentence if need be.
Always remember paraphrasing is different than summarising and quoting. In the world of plagiarism, paraphrasing is a legitimate way to borrow from a source.
Once you are finished writing and adding all the citations, run a plagiarism check on your document to be safe before submitting. Always use paraphrasing as a tool to check how much you have understood from the main text. One can always paraphrase the text books and make their own notes to understand better.
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