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  Petroleum is a different branch of engineering which mainly deals with extraction and separation of different types of hydrocarbons. The obtained hydro carbons are mainly of the form of crude oil or natural gas. This course of chemical engineering uses the different subjects in chemical engineering heat transfer, mass transfer, reaction engineering, oil and natural gas engineering and the subjects in other branches of engineering like petro economics, geology and exploration, oil and gas well in enhanced oil recovery, Safety and legislative law and rescue and hazard disaster management.
  This branch of engineering mainly consists of different topics like what is the Natural gas and different types of petroleum products composition, where these petroleum products can be obtain i.e. its resources and where these petroleum products can be obtained abundantly i.e. its reserves. It also includes how this natural gas can be utilized in various household applications. It also explains how natural gas can be liquefied and its uses. It also includes the production of natural gas using different types of methods which uses Static pressure and Flowing Bottom-Hole Pressure. This subject also includes basic energy equation. The natural gas extraction also includes different types of methods such as average temperature and deviation factor method, Sukkar and Cornell Method, Cullendar and Smith Method.
  This branch of chemical engineering also includes what are the safety measures that are to be included while carrying these extractions of petroleum products or natural gas in industries. These are regulations were very important and these should be in the mind of every chemical engineer who are ready to go and work in these petroleum or chemical industries. These regulation are also very help for mining engineers and metallurgy engineers. These rules include the different causes of accident that can occur in an industry so that precautions can be taken and these type of can be controlled and further prevented. The subject in petroleum includes various techniques used in safety analysis. This analysis also includes different types of case studies of different accidents occurred in different parts of the world so that these can be avoided in the present situations
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