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  Physical chemistry, as the name describe, is the branch   or that part of chemistry that includes the study of physical structure of substances, the method of the response with each other, and the bonds that binds their atoms together.
  In physical chemistry, the concepts of Physics and Chemistry are   combined and the study of physical attributes of particles is done. By understanding   these attributes, one can find out more about the methods which are used to assemble the particles and also their effect on the real structure of a chemical in the physical chemistry.
  Physical chemistry is considered as the research or we can say the study of the physical buildings of various kinds of drugs and on different kind of scales which are also known as the levels of physical information. Therefore,   physical chemistry is said to  include the  study of research on the following  scales of  chemical buildings of product:
  1.  Macroscopic -  As  depicted by the name itself,  macroscopic level of drugs  in physical chemistry describes the significantly huge amounts of the compound act  as a group. For example, melting and boiling points,   thermal conductivity,	heat capacity, and many more other physical homes are the macroscopic homes of drugs in physical chemistry.
  2. Tiny -   As derived by the topic itself, in physical chemistry, tiny levels of compounds or molecules explain the physical buildings which can be observed only by making the use of the zoom features supplied by the microscopic lens which, naturally are of various types and power, for example, light microscopic lens, electron microscopic lens, electron microscopic lens and many more recently which are popular for scanning probe, microscopic lens.  For an instance, let us say,  in physical chemistry, tiny physical buildings includes the study of different shapes and structures of the crystal shaped molecules or compounds but which can bring or cause the significant effects  on the nature of vast areas of the product to which  they belong. Some of the applications of this topic of physical chemistry are their utilization in bridges, aero plane, and so on.
  3. Atomic -   This aspect of physical chemistry is associated with the components. In association with the aspects, which consists of large number of specific atoms, while substances include   various numerous amounts of particles that are considered as the unique combination of atoms, combined by the means of chemicalbonds.
  4. Subatomic - In physical chemistry, the study of research of subatomic particles,   that are sometimes explained in context of other means, taken for instance, ' energy' or ' waves’.  This aspect of physical chemistry is rather categorized in physics instead of chemistry. Similarly, advanced physical chemistry includes the theory of subatomic structures which are considered necessary in the nuclear chemistry.
  Physical chemistry is that part of chemistry which deals with the analysis of methods in chemistry   in terms of the underlying concepts of physics. It can also be considered as the user interface or the bridge between the chemistry and physics as much as it explains the methods of physics, especially quantum mechanics, to associate with the phenomenon of chemistry.
    Physical chemistry is discreetly divided into a large number of disciples, although the limits between them are uncountable. The research study mentioned above may possibly be mistaken as the research typically from chemistry, but in real, it plays a vital role in the research study of methods of chemical responses how they yield work and heat.
  Physical chemistry also plays an undeniable role in the other branches of chemistry and it will not be unreasonable to state   that without the analysis or the research work studied and analyzed by physical chemistry, no any branch of chemistry could be considered complete.
  Most of the times,  physical chemistry and chemical physics are misunderstood to be the same,  but in real,  there is a difference in between them which is  although tough to be specified,  and is not constantly made, is that,  in physical chemistry,  the purpose of the examination is  generally a bulk system,  while the target in chemical physics is considerably  particular separated,  specific particle.
  Physical chemists, who perform the research on physical chemistry, have established many sound theories, some tests that response and the response is forecasted.
  Thus, with the above mentioned, it can be concluded
  that physical chemistry plays a crucial and vital role in the field of chemistry and so many more
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