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About System Dynamics

System Dynamics modelling originated from pioneering work at MIT in the 1950s by JayForrester. System Dynamics is a computer aided approach for the analysis and design. This applies to dynamic problems arising in complex social, managerial or economic systems. Any dynamic systems characterized by interdependence, mutual interaction, information feedback and circular causality. System Dynamics is a framework for seeing interrelationships rather than things for seeing the patterns of change rather than static snapshot. Systems thinking is that discipline for seeing the structures that underlie complex situations and for discerning high or low leverage change.

According mathematically, the basic structure of a formal System Dynamics computer simulation model is a system of coupled nonlinear, first-order differential and integral equations. The Simulation of such dynamic systems is easily obtained by partitioning simulated time into discrete intervals of length and stepping the system through time one at a time.

The feedback concept is the heart of a System Dynamics approach. Figures of the loops of information feedback and circular causality are tools for the conceptualizing the structure of a complex system and for communicating the model based insights. The feedback loop exists when the information resulting from some action travels through a system and eventually reverts back in some form to its point of origin and potentially influencing the future action also.

The causal loop diagram is a simple map of a dynamic system with all its consisting components and their interactions. By the capturing interactions and consequently the feedback loops and a causal loop diagram reveals the structure of a system dynamics. The loop concept underlying the feedback and circular causality by itself is not that enough. However, the explanatory power and insightfulness of feedback understanding is also rest on the notions of active structure and loop dominance. A crucial requirement for the powerful view of a dynamic system, its ability of a mental or formal model to change the strengths of influences as the conditions changes, i.e., the ability to shift active or dominant structure.

The Development of the System Dynamics model proceeds through the following steps:-

The concept of endogenous change in the fundamentals of the System Dynamics approach. It elaborates the aspects of model formulation. Exogenous interruptions are seen at most as triggers of system behaviour. The actual causes are contained within the structure of the system itself. The example like, the interaction of a pendulum’s position and the momentum which is produces oscillations. Corrective responses are also not modelled as functions over the time but dependent on conditions within the system.

The Time by itself is not seen as a cause. But more importantly, that theory building and policy analysis are significantly affected by this endogenous perspective. Taking an endogenous view exposes the natural compensating tendencies in the social systems that conspire to the defeat many policy initiatives. The Feedback and circular causality are delayed, devious and deceptive. For the understanding, the System Dynamics practitioners strive for an endogenous point of view. These efforts are to uncover the sources of the system behaviour that are exists within the structure of the system itself.

The Stocks levels and flow rates that are affects them are essential components of the system dynamics structure. A map of causal influences and feedback loops is not that enough to determine the dynamics behaviours of the systems. The constant inflow yields the linearly rising stock and the linearly rising inflow yields the stock rising along a parabolic path and so on.

The importance of levels and rates appears in the most clearly manner when one takes a continuous view of the structures and the dynamics. Although a discrete view, focusing the separate events and decisions that are entirely compatible with an endogenous feedback perspective. The continuous view strives to look beyond events to see the dynamic patterns underlying them. Moreover, the continuous view particular focuses not on discrete decisions but on the policy structure underlying decisions. Events and decisions are seen under the surface phenomena that ride over an underlying tide of system structure and behaviour. It is that underlying tide of policy structure and the continuous behaviour that is the system dynamicity’s focus.

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