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One of the classic dilemmas in student life that has continued for generations has been the battle between academics and extracurricular activities. As students reach high school, parents start encouraging them to focus solely on academics. This shift often takes place when a student reaches 10th grade. Conventionally, parents and students start believing that high school requires more academic attention and therefore, extracurricular activities take a back seat. However, what most people miss out on is the value extracurriculars bring along in terms of better grades and performance. We will highlight the top 5 ways such activities add value to help students perform better.

Open doors to new networks

One of the first ways extracurricular activities benefit students is that it helps them develop social skills. When students indulge in such activities, they meet new people and expand their network. This enables them to communicate better with others. Additionally, social skills open new doors for students to enlarge their circle and leverage from new networks. The new friends’ students make at different activities bring along a plethora of skills that they can exchange and enrich themselves. This allows them to get a new perspective and view on things that they may not generally have if they just focus on academics in isolation.

Creative ways to take a break

The second benefit of extracurricular activities for students is that it acts as a break from the monotonous academic routine. While such activities allow students to de-stress themselves and relax a little, it is nonetheless a productive way to do so. By indulging in extracurricular activities students have opportunities to learn while they unwind. Such activities ensure the best of both worlds. It helps students to get a new skill set along fun and enjoyable lines.

Stand out of the crowd

If you believe that it is just the grades that make a resume appealing, you are mistaken. Undoubtedly, good grades do make an impactful first impression. However, they do not give a complete picture. This suggests that extracurricular activities make a significant difference to one’s resume and profile. If you have actively been a part of such an activity, you are likely to stand out of the crowd. Additionally, these activities generally help students to build skills like teamwork and work ethics. Such skill sets are often valued highly by almost all organizations and having them on your resume will definitely give you an edge over the others.

A road to better grades

The final imperative of extracurricular activities for students is that they have a direct impact on grades and academic performance. As students spend time in these activities, they are likely to pick up competencies that help them plan and implement better. This suggests that students with such experiences are better at time management and prioritization. As they juggle between academics and co-curricular activities, they imbibe skills that ultimately help them in getting better grades. Additionally, such activities give them practical experience of what they learn in theory in their classrooms. Such experience enables them to perform better not only in their examinations but in life at large.

To cut a long story short, if you ever hear that you’re wasting time by investing it in extracurricular activities, take a stand and explain to others how such activities will ultimately benefit you in the longer run.

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