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  • Q1:2. Compare a stock insurer to a mutual insurer with respect to each of the following: a. Parties who legally own the company b. Right to assess policyholders additional premiums c. Right of policyholders to elect the board of directorsSee Answer
  • Q2:4. A newspaper reporter wrote, "Lloyd's is an association that provides physical facilities and services to the members for selling insurance. The insurance is underwritten by various syndicates who belong to Lloyd's." Describe Lloyd's Corporation with respect to each of the following: a. Liability of individual members and corporations b. Types of insurance written c. Financial safeguards to protect insuredsSee Answer
  • Q3:5. Property and casualty insurance can be marketed under different marketing systems. Compare the independent agency system with the exclusive agency system with respect to each of the following: a. Number of insurers represented by the agent b. Ownership of policy expirationsSee Answer
  • Q4:3. A luncheon speaker stated, "The number of life insurers has declined sharply during the past decade because of the increase in company mergers and acquisitions, demutualization of insurers, and formation of mutual holding companies." a. Why have mergers and acquisitions among insurers increased over time? b. What is the meaning of demutualization? c. Briefly explain the advantages of demutualization of a mutual life insurer. d. What is a mutual holding company? e. What are the advantages of a mutual holding company to an insurer?See Answer
  • Q5: Write the cash flow equivalence equationas a moment equation for Problem 4-15. (a) About Year 4 (b) About Year 5See Answer
  • Q6: Consider the following cash flow: Which of the equations below is correct to computethe present value of the cash flows at 8% interest? \text { A. } P=1000(P / A, i, 8)-150(P / G, i, 8)+ 150(P / G, i, 4)(P / F, i, 4) B. P= 400(P/A, i, 8) +600(P/A, i, 5) – 150(P/G, i, 4) C. P= 150(P/G, i, 4) + 850(P/A, i,4) + 400(P/A, i, 4)(P/F,i,4)See Answer
  • Q7: Which statement below is incorrect? A. If the market is efficient, stocks respond immediately to the public releases of relevant news. B. Compared to the field experiment, it is easier for the lab experiment to control for the impact ofalternative theories. C. PACF captures the direct correlation while ACF captures both direct and indirect correlations. D. Short-selling is equivalent to borrowing money from the bank.See Answer
  • Q8: 9. Discuss what is the purpose of conducting the stratified random sampling?See Answer
  • Q9: EJH Company is an all-equity firm that has a market capitalization of $1.3 billion and10 million shares outstanding. It plans to distribute $120 million excess cash through an open market repurchase. Assuming perfect capital markets: What will the price per share of EJH be right before the repurchase? How many shares will be repurchased? What will the price per share of EJH be right after the repurchase? Assume that EJH makes a surprise announcement by distributing $120 million excess cash through a special cash dividend instead of a share repurchase. What is the dividend per share and what is the stock price after the ex-dividend date?See Answer
  • Q10: Question 13: Below is a graph of policy interest rates. (a) All countries are expected to tighten rates in the future. (b) In 2017 and 2018, US, Canada and UK conducted contractionary monetary policy. (c) These policy rates are very short term interbank money market interest rates. (d) These policy rates are simple interest rates per annum. (e) Japan and the Euro area's economies are likely to be struggling the most.See Answer
  • Q11: Question 3 (total of 15 marks): Consider the below screenshot detailing market depth in theAustralian mining services company Intega's stock on 28 October 2019. Question 3a (1 mark): What is the bid-ask spread on the stock? Question 3b (1 mark): What is your best estimate of the 'true price' of this stock? Question 3c (1 mark): What is the best price that you could sell one stock for when placinga market order? Question 3d (2 mark): How much money could you buy 10,000 stock for using a marketorder? (Note that in this question you are buying, while in the previous question you wereselling). Question 3e (2 mark): What would be the implicit cost of buying these 10,000 shares usinga market order, given your 'true price' answered above? Question 3f (2 mark): Intega is a mining services company. If you thought there was goingto be a mining boom in the future, you might wish to buy some stock in the company beforeit rises. If you did this, what sort of trader would you be? Circle one option from thefollowing four in bold: Hedger,speculator, arbitrageuror market maker? Question 3g (2 mark): What sort of trader makes large profits from a wide bid-ask spread?Circle one option from the following four in bold: Hedger,speculator,arbitrageuror market maker? Question 3h (2 mark): If you bought one (1) of these stocks using a market order and thenimmediately sold it using a market order, what proportion of your money would bedestroyed by the implicit bid-ask spread transaction cost? Question 3i (2 mark): If you bought 10,000 of these stocks using a market order and thenimmediately sold them all using a market order, would a higher, lower or equal proportionbe destroyed by the implicit bid-ask spread transaction cost compared to the previousquestion where you were buying and selling just one stock? Just circle one option from thefollowing three in bold: Higher proportion,lower proportionor the same proportion.See Answer
  • Q12: Question 5: Bitcoin and Libra are both: (a) Stablecoins. (b) Mine-able. (c) Trace-able. (d) Blockchain-based. (e) Centralised.See Answer
  • Q13: Larsen Company manufactures car seats in its San Antonio plant. Each car seat passes through the assembly department and the testing department. This problemfocuses on the assembly department. The process-costing system at Larsen Company has a single direct-cost category (direct materials) and a single indirect-costcategory (conversion costs). Direct materials are added at the beginning of the process. Conversion costs are added evenly during the process. When the assemblydepartment finishes work on each car seat, it is immediately transferred to testing. Larsen Company uses the weighted-average method of process costing. Data for the assembly department for October 2017 are as follows: 1. For each cost category, compute equivalent units in the assembly department. Show physical units in the first column of your schedule. 2. What issues should the manager focus on when reviewing the equivalent units calculation? 3. For each cost category, summarize total assembly department costs for October 2017 and calculate the cost per equivalent unit. 4. Assign costs to units completed and transferred out and to units in ending work in process.See Answer
  • Q14: Question 2: Which of the following items is NOT a requirement of money?(a) Medium of exchange. (a) Medium of exchange. (b) Measure of value. (c) Store of value. (d) Appreciating investment. (e) Standard of deferred payment.See Answer
  • Q15: Question 5a (2 marks): Another word for non-investment grade bonds in the US is: Question 5b (2 marks): Investment grade debt has a credit rating greater than or equal to: AAA,АА+, АА, АA-, А+, А, А-, ввв+, Вв, "ВВ-, Bв*, в, вв-, В+, В, В-? Question 5c (1 marks): The European Sovereign Debt Crisis was caused by problems inwhich type of debt?Household, Corporate, Local government, or Federal government. Question 5d (2 marks): The US is unusual for having a large non-investment grade bondmarket. Most countries including China do not. If riskier firms cannot issue bonds in China,how can they borrow?See Answer
  • Q16: Question 2 (total of 15 marks): Your friend entered into some derivative contracts. She: Bought two 1 year CME American put options on gold at a strike price of $1300 perounce for a premium of $160 per ounce, then; Bought one 1 year CME futures contract on gold at a futures price of $1200 per ounce.The spot gold price is $1190 per ounce. Question 2a (11 marks): Draw the strategy on a graph below with profits on the y-axis andthe underlying gold price on the x-axis. Mark every detail possible on the graph, including the strike prices, breakeven points,maximum possible loss and the current level of the index. Question 2b (1 marks): What is or are the break-even (zero profit) point(s)? Question 2c (1 marks): What is the maximum possible loss on this option strategy? Question 2d (1 marks): What is the maximum possible profit on this option strategy? Question 2e (1 marks): Will your friend make a large profit if the underlying asset pricerises, falls, or stays the same?See Answer
  • Q17: Q4a. Compute excess returns for the market, i.e. market risk premium as R = Rm – Rrf,where Rm is the return on the All Ords computed in question 3, and Rrf represents the monthly return on the 30 day bank accepted bill rate. Also compute excess return for each wow and ANZ as follows Rwow = Rwow – Rrf and RåNZ = RANZ - Rrf. Use the 01/11/2010 -01/09/2020 time period. : Q4b. Obtain CAPM betas for both WOW and ANZ using excess returns by estimating the following regressions \begin{array}{c} R_{W O W}^{e}=\alpha_{W O W}+\beta_{W O W} R_{m}^{e}+u_{W O W} \\ R_{A N Z}^{e}=\alpha_{A N Z}+\beta_{A N Z} R_{m}^{e}+u_{A N Z} \end{array} where (u wow) and (u ANZ) are the random error terms of the regression models. Q4c. Present and comment on the two beta coefficients estimated in question 4b. What do they imply about the amounts of systematic risk? Note: provide final answer in 4 decimal places Q4d. Compute the expected returns for WOW and ANZ using the CAPM, i.e. \begin{aligned} E\left(R_{\text {IWOW }}\right) &=R_{r f}+\beta_{\text {Wow }}\left(E\left(R_{m}\right)-R_{r f}\right) \\ E\left(R_{A N Z}\right) &=R_{r f}+\beta_{A N Z}\left(E\left(R_{m}\right)-R_{r f}\right) \end{aligned} Where: • Rrf is the average of the monthly risk free rate computed in question 3 • E(Rm) is the average of the market return computed in question 3 Q4 e. Assume you buy one share of WOW and one share of ANZ on 1/01/2019 and sell the shares on 1/12/2019. Calculate your holding period return for the two shares. State the formula you use in your calculation. Comment and compare your results with part 4d above and state which share is over-valued and under-valued. Note: provide final answer in 4 decimal placesSee Answer
  • Q18: Question 4: Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin have had notoriously volatile prices."Stablecoins', on the other hand, such as the proposed Libra currency, should not have thisproblem, Stablecoins may therefore fulfil what function of money? (a) Medium of exchange. (b) Measure of value. (c) Store of value. (e) Standard of deferred payment.See Answer
  • Q19: Florence Johnston has been saving $700 semiannually in her retirement account for the last 40 years. At the end of this year,Florence will be ready to retire. Her retirement fund has earned 8%compounded semiannually. How much has Florence accumulated in her retirement account?See Answer
  • Q20: Question 20: Below is a graph showing traits of vulnerable listed firms in the US: Which of the following statements about the above graph is NOT correct? (a) The recession in 1992 was caused by the Savings and Loan crisis. (b) The recession in 2001 was caused by the Asian Currency Crisis. (c) The recession in 2008 was caused by the Global Financial Crisis. (d) The leverage ratio as measured by 'gross debt to assets' is likely to be a book debt tobook assets ratio, not a market value ratio. (e) Safe firms have low debt to assets ratios, high ROA and high EBITDA to interestexpense ratios.See Answer

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"They provide excellent assistance. What I loved the most about them is their homework help. They are available around the clock and work until you derive complete satisfaction. If you decide to use their service, expect a positive disconfirmation of expectations."


"After using their service, I decided to return back to them whenever I need their assistance. They will never disappoint you and craft the perfect homework for you after carrying out extensive research. It will surely amp up your performance and you will soon outperform your peers."


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Finance is involved in the money management field. It is one of the vast study areas that incorporate investment, budgeting, lending, and forecasting to deliver its requirements in wealth and investment. This subject is not only about managing funds but more about correctly utilizing funds. Talking about finance is more about applying theoretical knowledge logically to real-life situations and measuring the outcome through analysis. Students pursuing finance in their advanced studies know that mastering finance demands time & enormous effort. Though it is not that easy to do, with finance homework help, students can make it happen.

Students need to understand the moderately complex mathematics and other unfamiliar concepts involved in this subject. Besides, some vocabulary of finances is foreign to them, and an interdisciplinary approach adds more challenges to it for students to grasp the subject. Based on our prior experience, we have seen that students often get stuck when they don't have proper guidance to understand this comprehensive subject. Under this circumstance, financial management homework help engages them in constructive learning and ensures a performance boost. TutorBin is an academic help platform where students get support for their learning and secure high grades. Dedicated academic support paves the way to success for students. It's correct to say, for students, success starts from TutorBin.

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Financial Assignment Help: Exploring Topics Covered by Homework Help Experts

When it comes to finance, we are sure that TutorBin has all the help that students want to seek. Our team has experts for 250+ subjects. Besides offering finance homework answers, we also ensure that students get support for finance sub-disciplines. You can opt for our tutors for solutions, explanations, or concept clarity for other sub-disciplines like real-estate finance & corporate finance homework help or Financial Management Homework Help. When we associate with tutors, we ensure they have the experience to understand students' struggles and support them in overcoming challenges. Our experts don't want students to waste time searching for study materials and asking peers for answers. We provide them with every help they need. Whether it's Quantitative Finance Homework Help or corporate valuation solutions, we offer academic help, regardless of your educational level.

Venturing into finance coursework can present various challenges, and no question is deemed too insignificant. The necessity for online finance homework help can emerge at any point, covering a spectrum of concepts. Explore some topics that have been elucidated in the past:


Whether you're engrossed in your studies at dawn or dusk, understanding amalgamation might pose challenges. It entails combining companies into a single entity by merging their assets and liabilities. For a more detailed comprehension, StudyGate's online finance assignment help is readily available.

Bond Valuation:

Determining the fair value of a bond involves intricate processes. Despite its apparent simplicity, the actual assessment can be complex. Seek assistance from one of our finance homework helpers to enhance your understanding.

Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM):

CAPM explores the relationship between risk and the expected return on assets, particularly stocks. Instead of grappling with this concept alone, consider seeking corporate finance assignment help for clarity.

Cash Conversion Cycle:

The cash conversion cycle is a metric indicating the time required for a company to convert its inventory into cash flow. This area might be confusing, but finance homework help can transform intricate ideas into easily comprehensible ones.

Cash Management:

Despite its apparent simplicity, cash management encompasses a broad spectrum of activities related to handling, collecting, and utilizing cash. Once again, online finance homework help can swiftly unravel intricacies and provide solutions to challenging questions.

Sample questions and answers


You have $75,000 in savings for retirement. The future value formula is given by \(FutureValue = PresentValue \times (1 + r)^n\), where \(n\) is the number of periods. Given values: - Present Value (\(PV\)): $75,000 - Future Value (\(FV\)): $1,000,000 - Interest Rate (\(r\)): 0.015 (compounded quarterly) We need to solve for \(n\) in the equation \(1,000,000 = 75,000 \times (1 + 0.015)^n\).


\[1,000,000 = 75,000 \times (1.015)^n\] To solve for \(n\): \[13.33 = (1.015)^n\] Taking the natural logarithm (log base \(e\)) of both sides: \[n = \frac{{\log_{1.015}(13.33)}}{\log_{1.015}(1.015)}\] Using a calculator, we find: \[n \approx 131.25\] So, \(n \approx 131.25\) quarterly periods. Converting quarters to years (since there are 4 quarters in a year): \[n \approx \frac{131.25}{4} \approx 32.81\] It will take approximately 32.81 years to reach the $1,000,000 goal with a compounded quarterly interest rate of 1.5% and an initial savings of $75,000.

Finding Finance Homework Solutions- Best Suited For You

We have given you an overview of how your finance homework solver helps you to boost your growth and let you achieve academic success. Here, we will highlight where you will find finance homework solutions. We have also discussed a checklist you should follow before settling for the best-suited finance homework solver. See the options of [homework help](https://tutorbin.com/) resources and then move to the checklist. Once you get satisfied, you can make your decision.

  • Get finance homework help online from websites
  • Online freelance tutors for finance homework solutions
  • finance hw help from tutors of your senior or peers
  • Offline tutors for help with finance homework
  • Peer tutoring for financial management homework help

Checklist to select the best option for you:

  • First, do background checking. See teaching background, tutoring knowledge, and their previous experience
  • Secondly, make him know that your school will not allow submitting homework if it's copied
  • In the next step, check out the availability of your tutor when you need for your homework
  • It's better to know whether your tutor will be able to provide you with some extra time if you have any doubt
  • Ask your tutor for step-by-step finance homework answers while doing homework
  • Check whether it's feasible for your tutor to help you finish finance homework before the deadline
  • Lastly, it's better to consider your affordability before making decisions

TutorBin: Reliable Finance Homework Help For Students

The mission of TutorBin is to empower students with study guidance and financial homework help. We enable students to become proficient in their studies and learn instead of memorization. We strongly believe that academic support helps them to grow. Growth starts with true learning that only comes when you get stuck with your studies. We streamline our services as per the finance coursework universities are following. Our team assures students to prepare them fully and fulfill their primary motive.

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In the above paragraphs, we have explained all the aspects of our finance homework solver. It's time we discuss the benefits of opting for finance assignment help. Here, we will highlight how these advantages enable students to overcome their study challenges. We worked with full commitment to make students' educational journey goal-oriented, effective, yet easy. Experts try hard to boost student productivity, other than inspire them to adopt smart learning to increase academic performance. Team TutorBin put students as the priority. Our student-centric system has made us reliable for university and grad school students.

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24*7 finance hw help:The significance of study time is immense, particularly for students engaged in advanced studies. Beyond counting classroom hours, continuous support from experts is essential. With finance hw help available 24*7, TutorBin positions itself to provide unwavering assistance to students in their academic pursuits, irrespective of the time. Recognizing the demands of complex subjects like finance, TutorBin extends its support not only to homework but also offers comprehensive finance assignment help. This ensures that students receive expert guidance and aid whenever they face challenges in understanding financial concepts or completing assignments.

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Finance Homework Help FAQs Asked By Students

TutorBin, one of the reliable academic help platforms, often gets different queries from students. Some are general queries, while others are related to concerns and seeking assistance. Students ask, "Can you do my finance homework for me?", "Is it possible to pay someone to do my finance homework?" If you have similar questions, we are glad to inform you that TutorBin offers diverse academic help. Our experts will help you.

Sometimes, students get concerned about their support and ask, "Is it legal to pay someone to do my finance homework?" We reply to them that there are no legal bans on academic help. It is also a professional service, just like other services. Students should not get worried about it. We promise to help you even if you seek answers for sub-disciplines like investment homework help.

What are the benefits of help with finance homework from TutorBin?

One of the benefits of taking help from TutorBin finance homework tutor is that you will have ample time to prioritize issues you feel are challenging. Experienced tutors offer financial homework help. We also ensure that homework maintains high quality. Some other benefits of homework services are:

  • No Plagiarism
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How is TutorBin the best website for finance assignment help?

TutorBin stands out as the best website due to our unwavering commitment to enhancing the student experience when seeking finance assignment help. Our tutors, graduates from prestigious institutes, deliver excellent, accurate solutions with 0% plagiarism. We not only competitively price our services but also provide exciting bonuses, discounts, and rewards to ensure affordability. Beyond assignment assistance, TutorBin goes the extra mile with offerings like "do my finance homework for me," acknowledging the financial constraints students may face and striving to make quality education accessible to all.

How long will it take to get homework solutions?

The time depends on the complexity of the subject along with the proximity of the deadline. Hence, we ask you to enter your preferred deadline while you make the order.

How do I get finance homework answers?

You can take TutorBin help to get your homework answers. It is a simple process:

  • Visit our website homepage and sign up. Our 24x7 customer care support will assist you. You can also finance homework help from our student app
  • You will be directed to a student dashboard where you can inform us about your homework problems.
  • Enter additional details like the deadline and reference materials.
  • When this process is finished, our operations team will connect with you regarding payment.
  • Once the payment is made, they will get in touch with the expert for your solution.
  • Your tutor will work on your finance answers and upload it when it is completed.

How much does finance homework help cost?

The final price depends on the following factors:

  • The time and effort dedicated by the tutor to complete the assignments
  • The complexity.
  • Enter additional details like the deadline and reference materials
  • Availability of a finance homework tutor
  • Deadline proximity