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  • Q1: 3/263 The 3000-kg anvil A of the drop forge is mounted on a nest of heavy coil springs having a combined stiffness of 2.8(10º) N/m. The 600-kg hammer B falls 500 mm from rest and strikes the anvil,which suffers a maximum downward deflection of24 mm from its equilibrium position. Determine the height h of rebound of the hammer and the coefficient of restitution e which applies. See Answer
  • Q2: 5/69 The two pulleys are riveted together to form a single rigid unit, and each of the two cables is securely wrapped around its respective pulley. If point A on the hoisting cable has a velocity v = 3 ft/sec,determine the magnitudes of the velocity of point Ond the velocity of point B on the larger pulley for the position shown.See Answer
  • Q3: /61 The cart has a velocity of 4 ft/sec to the right. Deter-mine the angular speed N of the wheel so that point A on the top of the rim has a velocity (a) equal to4 ft/sec to the left, (b) equal to zero, and (c) equal to8 ft/sec to the right. See Answer
  • Q4: 5/60 The uniform rectangular plate moves on the horizontal surface. Its mass center has a velocity ve =3 m/s directed parallel to the x-axis and the plate has a counterclockwise (as seen from above) angular velocity w = 4 rad/s. Determine the velocities of points A and B. See Answer
  • Q5: Consider the arrangement shown in Figure 1. The elements P1, P2, P3 andPa are located at coordinates (x, y, z): P1 : (0,0,0); P2 : (a, 2/3a, 0); Р3: (2а, 0,0); P1: (а, — 2а,0) Suppose that P1, P2, P3 and P4 are point charges of charge q1 = q,92 = q, 93 = -q and q4 = -q. Find the expression for the x andy components of the electric field E at the coordinate of PA. Hence,calculate the magnitude and the angle of the electric field E at the coordinate of P4 considering a = 1 m and q == 10-9 C.[25] Suppose that P1, P2, P3 and P4 are infinite charged lines extending into the z direction and of charge density ơ1 = sigma, sigma2 = 0, sigma3 = -sigma and sigma4 = -sigma. Find the expression for the x and y components of the electric field at the coordinate of P4. Hence, calculate the magnitude and the angle of the electric field E at the coordinate of P, considering[25]a = 1m and o =10-9 C/m. Suppose that P, P2, P3 and P4 are infinite current-carrying wires extending into the z direction, and carrying currents I = I, I2 = I,I3 = -I and I4 = -I. Positive currents flows along the z direction whereas negative currents are anti parallel to z. Find the expression for the x and y components of the magnetic field B at the coordinate of P4. Hence, calculate the value of the magnitude and the angle of the magnetic field B at the coordinate of P4 considering a = 1 m andI = 1 A.[25] Suppose that P1, P2, P3 and P4 are infinite current-carrying wires extending into the z direction, and carrying currents I = I, I2 = I,I3 = -I and Whereas negative currents are anti parallel to z. Find the expression for the x and y components of the force per unit length f that P1,P2, P3 and Pa excerpt on P4. Hence, calculate the magnitude and the angle of f considering a = 1 m and I = 1 A.= -I. Positive currents flows along the z directionSee Answer
  • Q6: 23What is the drift speed of the conduction electrons in a copper wire with radius r =900 mm when it has a uniform current / = 17mA? Assume that each copper atom contributes one conduction electron to the current and that the current density is uniform across the wire's cross section. The number of electrons per unit volume, n =8.49 x 1028 m-3 \text { a. } 3.0 \times 10^{-7} \mathrm{~m} / \mathrm{s} \text { b. } 5.0 \times 10^{-6} \mathrm{~m} / \mathrm{s} \text { c. } 4.9 \times 10^{-7} \mathrm{~m} / \mathrm{s} \text { d. } 6.0 \times 10^{-9} \mathrm{~m} / \mathrm{s} \text { e. } 3.5 \times 10^{-8} \mathrm{~m} / \mathrm{s}See Answer
  • Q7: /71 Determine the angular velocity of bar AB just after roller B has begun moving up the 15° incline. At the instant under consideration, the velocity of roller A is VA- See Answer
  • Q8:Acceleration is a scalar quantity.See Answer
  • Q9: The deepest point of the ocean is in the Mariana Trench, 11 km deep, in the Pacific. The pressure at this depth is 1.13x108 N/m². A. Calculate the change in volume of 1.00 m3 of seawater carried from the surface to this deepest point. B. The density of seawater at the surface is 1.03x103 kg/m3. Find its density at the bottom.See Answer
  • Q10: A light spring of constant A = 90.0 N/n is attached vertically to a table (Fig. P15.55a). A2.00-g balloon is filled with helium (density = 0.180 kg/m)to a volume of 5.00 m and is then connected to the spring.causing it to stretch as shown in Figure P15.55b. Determine the extension distance L when the balloon is in equilibrium. See Answer
  • Q11: A solid ball of radius R is composed of a dielectric insulator of permittivity ɛ. The outside surface of the ball carries a static surface charge of(theta). (a) Determine the boundary conditions satisfied by the potential V(r) (i) at the center of the ball, (ii) at the surface of the ball, and (iii) at infinity. (b) Find the voltage V (r) both inside and outside the ball,expressed as an infinite sum with coefficients depending on integrals of of(theta). (c) Suppose that the static charge is concentrated in a ring at polar angle theta = theta0, with total charge qf in the ring. Find the electric field at the center of the ball in terms of qf, theta0 Re and e0 and e- infinity limits (d) Locate the center of charge in the situation described-in part (c) and verify your answer behaves as expected in the e → €, and ɛ → ∞ limits.See Answer
  • Q12: An electromagnetic wave propagating in free space has an electric fieldamplitude of A-2 V/m. Calculate the magnetic field amplitude, the energy density of both theelectric and the magnetic field, and the total energy density of the wave.See Answer
  • Q13: One end of a light spring with force constant k 100 N/m is attached to a venical wall. A light string is tied to the other end of thew-RMhorizontal spring. As shown in Figure P12.57, the string changes from n horizontal to venical as it passes over a pulley of mass M in the shape of a solid disk of radius R= 2.00 cm. The pulley is free to turn on a fixed, smooth axle. The vertical section of the suing supports an object of mass m = 200 g. The string does not slip at its contaCi with the pulley. The object is pulled down-ward a small distance and released. (a) What is the angular frequency a of oscillation of the object in terms of the mass M: (b) What is the highest possible value of the angular frequency of oscillation of the object? (c) What is the highest possible value of the angular frequency of oscillation of the object if the pulley radius is doubled to R 4.00 cm?Figure P12.57 See Answer
  • Q14:What is the electric field's oscillation period?See Answer
  • Q15:What is the electric field amplitude?See Answer
  • Q16: What is the polarization? What is the intensity of this electromagnetic wave?See Answer
  • Q17: Calculate the location of the center of mass for the compound object shown below. A. Find the x component of the center of mass. Give your answer in meters. B. Find the y component of the center of mass. Give your answer in meters. See Answer
  • Q18: There are 3 balls on a horizontal, smooth surface. A 5 kg ball comes from the left with a speedof 4 m/s. It has an elastic collision with an 8 kg ball which is at rest. The 8 kg ball then has anelastic collision with an 11 kg ball which is at rest. A. Calculate the velocity of the 5 kg ball after it collides with the 8 kg ball. Give your answer inm/s. B. Calculate the velocity of the 8 kg ball after the 5 kg ball collides with it. Give your answer inm/s. C. Calculate the velocity of the 8 kg ball after it collides with the 11 kg ball. Give your answer in m/s. D. Calculate the velocity of the 11 kg ball after the 8 kg ball collides with it. Give your answer in m/s. See Answer
  • Q19: 13.-(5 Points) A 500 g mass swings on a 60-cm-string as a pendulum. The amplitudes observed to decay to half its initial value after 35 oscillations. a) What is the time constant for the oscillator? b) At what time will the energy have decayed to half its initial value?See Answer
  • Q20: An electromagnetic wave propagating in free space has an electric fieldamplitude of A:2 V/m. (a)Calculate the electric field between the plates and the magnitude anddirection of the electric force FE exerted on each of the test chargesdue to that electric field.[8 Marks] (b)Calculate the magnitude and direction of the magnetic fieldsurrounding the wire at a distance r = 5cm from the wire. State the magnitude and direction of the magnetic force FM exertedon each of the test charges due to that magnetic field. (c)Combine the electric and magnetic forces to find the magnitude anddirection of the total force on each of the test charges.See Answer

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"After using their service, I decided to return back to them whenever I need their assistance. They will never disappoint you and craft the perfect homework for you after carrying out extensive research. It will surely amp up your performance and you will soon outperform your peers."


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Tackling the intricacies of Physics assignments during the semester can be daunting. Our team of online physics assignment experts is committed to simplifying your academic journey.

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Before discussing why you need help with physics homework, let's see how TutorBin offers services for different physics sub-disciplines. The organization has 65000+ active tutors in more than 250 subjects. From modern physics homework help to gravitation, whatever subject you choose, we have tutors for these. We aim to provide students with physics homework help online through which they can clear their doubts, get their homework done, and understand different concepts. Students often feel stressed due to the lack of experts offering help with physics homework. Opting TutorBin for services helps students in their academic activities. This single yet smart move supports them in growing and boosting their performance.

Principles of Quantum Mechanics Introduction to Astrophysics Quantum Theory of Light
Photoelectric Effect Escape velocity Gravitational potential
Rotation Oscillations Coordination Number
Acid, Bases, and Salts Interactions and Force Geometrical Optics
Electric Work and Energy Physical Optics Fluids and Entropy
Capacitors and Dielectrics Motion in Two-Dimensions Electric Circuits and Electronics
Changing Magnetic and Electric Field Momentum and Collisions Forces and Newton's Laws
Equilibrium and Elasticity Electric Potential Alternating Current Circuits

Finding The Best Physics Homework Help Online

Students often get stuck with physics homework and think, "I need help with my physics homework," but the problem is they don't know where they get it. Some wish to have support if they are given complex problems. They think, "who can solve my physics homework?" This section is for you if you are among these two types of students. It's time to find homework help resources that suit your requirements. Here, we will focus on where you can find physics homework help suitable for you.

  • Get physics homework help online from academic help websites
  • You can hire an online physics homework helper or freelance tutors
  • You can also take physics hw help from tutors of your peers or seniors
  • Hiring an offline tutor for physics homework can be helpful for some
  • For some, peer tutoring works best for physics hw help

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Due to overloaded classes, packed schedules, and other reasons, professors rarely get time to give extra attention to students seeking help for their physics homework. These circumstances often lead students to face academic challenges and put them in stressful situations. Understanding how these challenges affect the lives of Science students, especially for advanced study pursuers, TutorBin introduced its college physics homework help. It is nothing less than a boon for those college students who are in dire need of physics help online from experts.

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Problem 1: I don't understand the subject well:

Solution 1:Tutorbin has a dedicated tutor team that works with full commitment to provide students with online physics homework support. Our experts try their best to make students understand the underlying concepts behind problems and what type of approach students should opt for to get the solutions. The examples and explanations of our tutors make learning easier to grasp. When students say they don't understand the subject well, we know they don't get the concepts right. TutorBin experts devote their time teaching students the concepts and the applications of the knowledge in solving real-life problems. Our team also promotes an effective yet easy educational journey for making learning goal-oriented.

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Solution 2: Time constraint is one of the major problem areas for students that TutorBin is trying to solve. Our educational experts focused on this area and introduced online physics homework solutions. When universities decide on the coursework, they already assume that students already have enough knowledge about the concepts and don't need extra time to grasp the topics. But due to the lack of proper tutoring and less inclination toward the subject, students feel that they don't have much time in hand. Moreover, some students face economic obstacles and have to work part-time. For them, time constraints become a challenge to finish the course. With TutorBin, students not only finish their coursework but also will be able to learn at their pace.

Problem 3: Presenting accurate homework without copying from friends

Solution 3: Teachers explain that it's for the students' good that students do their homework without copying. It's correct, though the problem lies elsewhere. Students often don't understand the problem or have doubts regarding the problem-solving approach they should opt for. For some students, copying from their peers helps them know how their classmates solved the problem, though that's not the solution. Under these challenges students face, TutorBin helps students with physics hw help. It offers conceptual clarity; even tutors support students to finish given homework with a step-by-step problem breakdown. This step reduces the burden and gives accurate yet unplagiarized physics homework answers.

Problem 4: I am not satisfied with school teachers/Need to improve my grades

Solution 4: It is not uncommon for students to get dissatisfied when they feel that school hours are not helping them grow. The problem comes from the lack of time teachers spend with students to help them grow. When students say they are unsatisfied with what their teachers taught them, we understand that they don't find the subject interesting. Our tutors update their teaching style to make physics homework help more engaging yet easy to understand. We encourage students to incline toward the field of physics. Moreover, our service is streamlined as per the current university coursework and designed to boost students' academic performance.

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Till now, we have discussed how TutorBin solves problems. We have explained the benefits of opting for our physics homework help online in this paragraph. Our subject matter experts try their best to increase students' learning capabilities. We ensure that students adopt smart ways to learn, gather knowledge, and improve their academic performance. Our student-centric facility puts our students on the priority list. Team TutorBin focuses on meeting students' requirements, and our student-centric system made us one of the most sought-after academic help platforms for uni and grad school students.

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The education industry is changing dynamically, and so are the students of this 21st century. In this decade, students prefer personalized help with physics homework instead of classroom learning, aiming to get a better learning experience customized according to their particular requirements. TutorBin, a trustworthy name in the EdTech industry, emphasizes the active participation of students with expert physics homework helpers. This step establishes a cooperative ecosystem, solidifying the learning scope for students through a collaborative & conversational approach. Personalized expert support not only aims for long-term benefits but also significantly impacts existing challenges students face nowadays. We have pointers explaining how it eradicates difficulties by helping students solve physics problems online.

Eradication of procrastination: Postponing or delaying are just a few signs of procrastination that often indicate the lack of self-control, time inconsistency, and absence of long-term goals. Personalized help from experts assists students in focusing on their long-term goals & committedly works to enhance their academic inclination. Moreover, it also becomes preferable for students to take care of their progress & encourage them to follow through with whatever they've set out to do.

Effectively managing time constraints: The challenge of time restrictions comes forth due to several reasons, including students having a part-time job, inability to handle multiple tasks, outside influence, or urgency. Expert help to solve physics problems online offers the best possible solution to effectively manage all the time constraints. Using the right platform & effective communication, experts not only aid students in submitting their tasks on time but also cover all of the quality requirements of students.

Strengthen conceptual clarity: Another effective but immediate benefit of personalized physics homework help is its strengthening of conceptual clarity. TutorBin experts use an inductive teaching strategy to assist students in understanding their subject with more clarity through a set of examples and charts. First, our experts assess the problem statement and then understand what students require. Once it's done, experts solve physics homework online in detail, explaining the concepts behind the application so that students can get clarity. This step not only supports students in obtaining in-depth subject understanding but also helps them to clear their doubts if they have any.

Improving students' performance: The significance of personalized learning and help with physics homework lies in its effectiveness in inducing meaningful education. It motivates students to gain in-depth learning and improves their academic performance extensively. With the help of physics homework helpers, students achieve the desired result without submerging themselves in a pit of stress and anxiety.

How Physics Tutors Solve Physics Problems Online

In the above para, we have seen how personalization is changing the face of academic help & supporting the young generation to thrive in academics. Here, we will simplify the process of personalizing homework help when students ask experts to solve physics homework online.

Step-wise solutions: Solving physics homework assigned by colleges & universities is way much different than in high school. Unlike a multiple-question answer setup, questions demand detailed solutions that are much more concept-oriented & depend on a deep understanding of the topic. It's practically impossible for advanced study pursuers to solve these in one-liners or copy without understanding the approach to solving them. Our experts have the knowledge & experience of real-life application of the concept through which they offer step-wise solutions that reflect your in-depth knowledge about the concept & the approach to solving those questions efficiently.

Thorough Explanations: Though step-wise solutions often solve most of the problems for students, the problem arises when a student does not understand what approach has been used in the answer or how it connects the dots. In this condition, our experts come up with thorough explanations of each step of the given solution. It gives students the required clarity and makes it easy for them to retrieve knowledge & retain information whenever they try to solve similar physics homework.

Doubt Clearance: Not all students are the same, nor are their problem statements. When some face problems due to the lack of knowledge, others find it challenging to apply the learned concepts successfully at the time of practice. They need help understanding why they are not reaching the desired solution, or they should have clarity on where they are going wrong. It is seen that more than 50% of students failed to finish their physics homework due to their doubts & confusion regarding the topic. Our experts not only clear their doubts that they could not address the professors due to short classroom time but also ensure that they retain the information effectively for the long run.

Physics Homework Help FAQs Asked By Students

What websites help with physics homework?

Several websites like TutorBin offer physics help to students. With the help of customized physics homework answers from scratch, the experts ensure that students can submit complete homework within the deadline and fully understand the problem-solving approaches with step-wise explanations.

Is there an app that solves physics?

Yes, you will get a diverse physics homework helper app on the internet offering step-by-step solutions to different physics homework. For reliable homework help, you can also search for the TutorBin homework help app. It takes a few minutes to complete the entire order placement process and offers a solution within a short turnaround time.

What is online assignment help?

Online assignment help is an academic help service that completes assignments and provides solutions to students. It helps them to improve their performance and aids students in overcoming study struggles by preparing themselves academically strong with expert help.

Is physics help online free of charge?

Some websites offer physics helper free of charge. With this free version, students can get some common answers for physics questions, though it could be plagiarized and also have limited options for students to get solved answers with explanations.