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  • Q1:For this assignment, you need to write a program that • Parse the input of a combination of (1) a string representing a Boolean formula and (2) a string representing an assignment into a Boolean formula syntax tree and an assignment map. Output the evaluation result of the formula on the assiginment. • Continuously take input from standard input, and output to standard output. Errors shall also be output to standard output, but should always start with "Error:" followed by a brief description. Your program should terminate gracefully (and quietly) once it sees EOF. Your program should not generate any extraneous output; for example, do not print out prompt strings such as "please enter input" and things like that. • Write your code in C++. • Ensure that it compiles with the C++ compilor on and runs on (Use to log-in from off-campus; then follow the instructions to connect to eceubuntu.) • You can modify the skeleton as you wish, but you may only #include the following libraries (and no others!) for the current assignment: iostream, fstream, sstream, iomanip, string, utility, exception, vector, and map.See Answer
  • Q2:1 Overview This assignment covers control flow, including if-statements and functions, as well as the use of various arithmetic operators. It also provides an introduction to error handling in cases where a program component receives incorrect data, and to unit testing to validate the correctness of a set of functions. You will implement a set of functions which perform various operations on calendar dates. A template file date_functions.c has been provided containing several empty functions (along with a main () function containing some simple tests). Your task is to implement each function according to the specification given in the comments above the function. You may also add extra functions as needed, but you are not permitted to change the function signature of the existing functions in any way. For example, you may not rename the functions, change the types or names of the parameters, add new parameters or modify the return type. Submissions which violate this requirement will receive a mark of zero. Although each function will be marked separately, you must ensure that the entire file compiles successfully (since a syntax error in one function will make it impossible for the teaching team to compile your submission and mark any of your functions). You are responsible for thoroughly testing each function. Some basic tests have been provided in the main() function of the template, but you will need to do more testing to fully validate your implementations. When the code is tested, we will substitute our own main() function to test your code. Note that the contents of main() in your submission will not be marked (although, as mentioned above, you must ensure that the entire file compiles successfully, including whatever code you put in main()); all of the marks for this assignment are based on the other functions. The sections below describe each function in more detail. In the event that this document is not consistent with the specifications written in the posted template code, the template code will beSee Answer
  • Q3:Learning Outcomes In this project, you will demonstrate your understanding of dynamic memory and linked data structures (Chapter 10) and extend your program design, testing, and debugging skills. You will also learn about the problem of process discovery and implement a simple algorithm for discovering a process model from event data. Progoce DicooromSee Answer
  • Q4:Your next job is to implement write functionality for mdadm and then thoroughly test your implementation. Specifically, you will implement the following function:See Answer
  • Q5:Download the "Scrambled Word List" file from Moodle, then use your solution to the file-based Student Line Up problem to find the first and last words (alphabetically) in that file. This is our first "Programming Quiz" so it's an easy one, if you did the homework - your homework code should solve this quiz with no changes at all.See Answer
  • Q6:Programming Challenge: 25 - Student Line Up Using Files The program should prompt the user for the file name and read the data from the file. A suitable file of names (List of Random Names) is provided on Moodle. Note that these names might include spaces; handle your input accordingly. The expected output is two names; do not show the entire file (or you will regret that code when you do the associated programming quiz that processes thousands of names). Do not use arrays or sorting for this problem! Deliverables: Program file (PC5-25.cpp) and screen shot (using the RandomNames.txt file) for this Programming Challenge. Trivia: The list of names was created by a C++ program! The two input files were a list of a couple hundred common baby names, and a list of common family names; the output file was the result of random selections from each input file. You will write programs like this in the "advanced" programming classes.See Answer
  • Q7: 2. Write a program in C# Sharp which will create a file on disk and write some data on it then copy this data to another new file. Ø Use method creates a Stream Writer that writes a new text file. Ø useCopyTo method is used to copy an existing file into anew file.See Answer
  • Q8: 1. Write a program in C# Sharp to read 20 numbers from any file using File stream.See Answer
  • Q9: Write a code segment based on voting system as shown in Table 2 using selection statement. See Answer
  • Q10: O Lot Info 6 that takes "database" array and prints out (25 points): The lowest mileage car. The cheapest car The oldest carSee Answer
  • Q11: Programming problem: Currency Simulator A. Create a USD currency class with two integer attributes and one string attribute, all of which are non-public(Python programmers - it is understood that there is nothing private in Python but try to not access the attributes directly from outside the classes).The int attributes will represent whole part (or currency note value) and fractional part (or currency coin value) such that 100 fractional parts equals 1whole part.The string attribute will represent the currency name. B. Create a C2Dderived/inherited class with one additional non-public double attribute to represent the conversion factor from/to US Dollar.The value of the conversion factor can be defaulted in the class definition based on 1 USD = 1.36 C2D or 1 C2D = 0.74 USD. C.In your two currency classes, add public methods for the following: Default Construction (i.e. no parameters passed) Construction based on parameters for all attributes Copy Constructor and/or Assignment, as applicable to your programming language of choice Destructor, as applicable to your programming language of choice Setters and Getters for all attributes Adding two objects of the same currency Subtracting one object from another object of the same currency Comparing two objects of the same currency for equality/inequality Comparing two objects of the same currency to identify which object is larger or smaller Print method to print details of a currency object In your derived class only, methods to convert USD objects to C2D and vice versa D.Create a Wallet class with one attribute - an array of two USD references /pointers and the following methods to demonstrate polymorphism of the currencies: A default Constructor which sets the first element of the array to a zero value USD object the second element of the array to a zero value C2Dobject A Destructor, as applicable to your programming language of choice Methods to add or subtract currency objects appropriately using USD references / pointers, i.e. USD objects to/from the first element only and C2Dobjects to/from the second element only Do not write currency specific add/subtract methods as that would defeat the purpose of polymorphism.Methods to compare if the value of either element is greater or smaller than an input value using USD references only.This method can be called upon in the subtract method above as needed. A method to Print the values of the two elements in the Wallet E. In your main:Create a Wallet object Provide the user a main menu to add/ subtract/ compare the USD and C2D values in the Wallet as well as print the contents of the Wallet You can use a second level menu choice to allow the user to select currency type Based on user choice, create either USD or C2D objects as needed to perform the desired operations.The main menu should be run in a loop until the user selects the Exit option There is no sample output - you are allowed to provide user interactivity as you see fit and programs will be graded for clarity of interaction Things to remember: Create appropriately named code files - for the two Currency classes, for the Wallet class and any other helper code you might need. The file for your main should be named Lab1Main with the appropriate extension.Make any relevant assumptions that you may need but state them clearly in the corresponding code file. Remember to document your methods adequately - pre-post headers as well as any other relevant comments. Also, provide necessary pseudo code of the program in the main. See Design Tools and Documentation.pdf Preview the document for documentation help. Also, remember to include name blocks inall the code files.Grading: 25 pts - program as compiled by me from your code works as outlined above without needing any code change 20 pts - for the USD class 15 pts - for the C2D class and proper demonstration of polymorphism 15 pts - for the Wallet class and proper use of Currency polymorphism in your Wallet 25 pts -the main program including clear and intuitive interactivitySee Answer
  • Q12: 2) Function O_Print_Car_6 that accepts a row of a "database" array. Function must call O_Car_Discount_6 to calculate discounted price of a car. Function must print vehicle engine size, mileage, price and discounted price as per sample output. Function must convert vehicle type to user-friendly format per table below (25 points): See Answer
  • Q13: Create a class Fractions with these capabilities: a) Create a constructor that prevents a O denominator-in a fraction, reduces or simplifies fractions that are not in reduced form and avoids negative denominators. b) Overload the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operators for this class. c) Overload the relational and equality operators for this class.See Answer
  • Q14: Write a C program that calculates the cost of different items and then displays the results. The program's design should use only the main function. The expected output should contain your name, your CS 159 section number a nd your ID as shown in the sample output. The main function should run successfully with different scenarios. The main function should perform the following Prompt the user to enter the price of three chairs. The main function should then print the price of each chair before and after discount as shown below in the sample output. The main function then calculates and prints the total price before and after applying the following discount Prompt the user to enter the price of two desks. The main function should print the price of each desk with and without tax. The main function should calculate and print the average price of all desks after applying the following tax. Prompt the user to enter the price of two laptops The main function should prompt the user to enter discount for each a laptop a nd then print the price of each laptop with and without discount and the total price after applying the entered discount. See Answer
  • Q15: Write a C program that calculates the total salary, total age and the bonus of one of the departments of the company. The program's design should use only the main function. The expected output should contain your name, your CS 159 section number and your ID as shown in the sample output. The main function should run successfully with different scenarios. The main function should perform the following Prompt the user to enter the age of four employees by using a while bop. The main function should then calculate and print the average age of all employees who are older than or equal to thirty years and the total age of all employees. Prompt the user to enter the salary of four employees by using a while loop. The main function then calculates and returns the total alary after applying the following deduction. Prompt the user to enter the gender (M or F) of four employees by using a while loop. The main function should then print the number of female employees and the number male employees in the department as in the sample output below. ( Prompt the user to enter an integer number (Rank) and then by using a nested if statement, the main function should calculate the bonus according to the rules given in the following table. The function should then ask the user to enter the ID of the department and then prints the rank, the bonus, and the ID of the department as shown in the sample output below. See Answer
  • Q16: b. Improve the code of exploit3.c and exploit4.c so that there are no warning messgaes from gcc even after using the flags in gcc -ansi - pedantic -wallSee Answer
  • Q17:Determine the output for each code segment below: int n; for (n=110; n<200; n+=10)See Answer
  • Q18: Create an application that calculates the total cost of a hospital stay. The application should accept the following input: The number of days spent in the hospital,as an integer The amount of medication charges The amount of surgical charges The amount of lab fees The amount of physical rehabilitation charges The hospital charges $350 per day. The application's form should resemble the onshown in Figure 6-23.See Answer

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