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Our ancestors often use wise words like “think twice before you act.” For students, this advice works wonders if followed ardently for academics. Students often get overwhelmed whenever they see new tools & software that benefit them. The majority starts using them without even thinking about the consequences it brings to the table. Under these circumstances, students should be extra cautious. The recent launch of ChatGPT is one such key turning event that caused quite an uproar in the education industry due to its AI-enabled features that answers all questions. It definitely offers real-life answers just like a person, though the accuracy or uniqueness of the information is questionable. Some experts fear it would blow the traditional homework method and learning capability of students seeing too frequent use and how students depend on it blindly. 

Our expert team thoroughly assessed the situation and explored every bit of ChatGPT using different methods. We try our best to incorporate the gist of our findings. What we found is an eye-opener for students as well as educators. It will give you an understanding of whether ChatGPT benefits students or whether it is more of a tool with underlying threats to shake our educational system. 

Convincing?- Yes, Yet There’s More To It 

ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art language model of AI, is brewing a new wave of disruption in the education industry. Although it looks convincing & the idea seems to be impressive from the technical standpoint; there’s much more to it than we anticipated. The enthusiasm of the bot is causing quite a steer, though it’s good, bad & unknown potential is yet to be explored. 

Professors & educators accept that launching ChatGPT is a defining move for the education industry, though the impacts truly depend on the usage. Students can now write their academic papers or check their errors in the essay generator tool. Even Some are now considering submitting their entire academic papers summarized by ChatGPT. Like other AI tools, ChatGPT is also designed to fetch information as per the given prompt and seems much more realistic than existing robots. Surely convincing enough to use for the education industry, although technology critics question this disruption’s effectiveness. 

One of the crucial questions raising its head, “Is it able to understand the intent of the search?” Tech experts agree that it could be misused, if not misplaced. Some are questioning the correct usage as well. Looking into conversational responses of ChatGPT, experts can predict its limitations in understanding the complexity of human language. Therefore, the possibility of fetching irrelevant, incomplete, or incorrect information is high if AI misunderstands the context of your instructions.  

The potentiality of ChatGPT is there, but students must understand the correct usage. The possibilities are diverse, convincing that it works for you, but at the same time, it’s something more students are unaware of. Let’s explore the good, bad & gray areas of ChatGPT.  

ChatGPT interfarance

Untrustworthy, Although it Has A Good Side 

Now, ChatGPT is booming & the usage is rising rapidly; students are getting to know more about it. The question of its trustworthiness & convincing ability reverberated the concerns about its impact on students & the current education system. Some teachers are highlighting its ability to understand the context of your query & higher possibility of offering incomplete & untrustworthy information. ChatGPT could be unreliable, but it’s not all about it.

ChatGPT also has a good side that experts see when looking at the usage from a bigger and different perspective. Considering its flexibility and realistic information, experts now recommend this AI tool as a study assistant. If students don’t copy the information blindly, they can double-check its information and decide how to use that knowledge for structuring their papers & correcting their mistakes. 

Whether it’s learning-based assistance or writing support, be honest about its usage & verify before you use it. That’s what all experts have to say when it comes to using chatGPT for educational purposes. Scrolling search results, getting researched data through keywords, and structuring the brainstorming process can be easier for students than anticipated. It could also prove as something extra to boost their confidence to study efficiently & learn quickly rather than indulging them in mindless activities.      

What’s Better for Students? Homework help websites vs. ChatGPT? 

Homeworkhelp sites/ ChatGPT Homework help

Restrictions & Limitations of ChatGPT For Students 

Over-reliance on AI tools 

While contemplating the future of the education industry & millions of students, we must remember that its usage has a meaningful role to play. Over-reliance on machines with conversations & responses could raise genuine concerns, especially if the subject is our future generations, the students. Excess & thoughtless use of this AI tool not only devastates students’ credibility but also has long-lasting negative impacts on their learning ability & chances to progress.    

Plagiarism issues & incomplete information 

Talking about ChatGPT limitations brings forth two factors in the frontline. One is the plagiarism issue & the other one is the incomplete information that often confuses students & prevents them from achieving the desired result. Repeating a similar process for a single question often offers one data set. As it doesn’t understand the personalization approach, all the content this AI tool generates is generic. Even with a changed approach, the possibilities of copied data are still high. Unlike humans, it does not have an understanding of plagiarism. Besides this problem, experts also noticed that using ChatGPT without proper instruction can give you incomplete information. It frustrates students and affects their grades if they don’t use it wisely when it comes to academic activities. 

Matter of Content relevancy & information validation 

If you see very closely and try to understand the data resources offered by ChatGPT, you will see that the bot gives you the information available up to 2021. If students are searching for the latest information, the chances are high that either they couldn’t find it or the content they get is outdated. This limitation is particularly significant in academic writing, where the latest information and research can make a considerable difference. Therefore, an essay generator like ChatGPT may not be the most appropriate choice for those who want to stay up-to-date with the latest research. The lack of content relevancy for newer topics or post-2021 topics is still there.  

Another factor still keeping students in the dark and misleading them is the validation of information offered by ChatGPT. Students often use the information directly without accuracy validation. Some experts explained that they detected inaccurate information while checking the content shared by ChatGPT. When students unknowingly use ChatGPT content, they have a higher chance of using incorrect information in their academic papers.     

Critical thinking & problem-solving skills 

Critical thinking directs students’ ability to use subject-oriented knowledge, facts, and data to use it in practice & find problem-solving approaches effectively. The skill enables students to get well-thought-out solutions within a moderate timeframe. This practice doesn’t indicate that you will get instant answers to your problems, though you’ll be able to go deeper & assess all the aspects of problems before thinking of the solution. It takes time & continuous effort to develop critical thinking skills, though it adds value to your efficiency.    

Merely having some set of information or knowledge is not enough for students. Without critical thinking skills, students neither decide which problem-solving approach works best for that specific problem nor go out of the box to find solutions for complex situations. ChatGPT could hinder the development of critical thinking ability or cause erosion of necessary thinking skills in students. There’s a great possibility that steady usage of this tool can expose us to greater threats of reducing our mental capacity to invent problem-solving approaches and manipulate us easily. 

Ethical dilemma in higher education   

It is not directly conflicting with the education industry. However, the free & unlimited access to ChatGPT is causing enough moral panic among industry veterans and educational institutions. The probability of cheating has taken a steep rise as students find this AI tool more convenient to get realistic yet detailed answers or writings. This reckless use of ChatGPT not only questions the ethical dilemma in higher education but also pushes students’ academic integrity over the boundaries. 

Conclusion- What Lies in the Future for Students?  

Some educational experts agree that ChatGPT causes a higher level of panic, anxiety, and fear in teachers. Even a percentage of teachers among them feel that ChatGPT is now threatening the very existence of higher education, though there is no fact-based truth behind it. But if you know why ChatGPT bothers educators and the question “what lies in the future for students” upsets them, you must understand that somehow, students will be responsible too for relying too heavily on ChatGPT. This article talked about every touch point. Our team has also created visual content that compares homework help services with ChatGPT. It’s no doubt that students are opting for ChatGPT now, though the long-term success possibility, accuracy of answers, expert guidance, and personalized academic support are missing. The experts suggest students must clearly understand how many dependencies on ChatGPT are safe for their future. It could be a downturn for students looking to excel in studies and get meaningful education to flourish in the future. It is why advanced study pursuers are still relying upon homework-help websites with experts rather than AI tools.  

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