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Increasingly e-learning platforms are becoming not only an effective alternative to classroom education but coming up as efficient sources to pick up and build in-demand skills. It is common knowledge that a single conventional skill set will render over 50% of the population irrelevant in the upcoming economy. Therefore, learning and refining a diverse skill set is the need of the hour. Perhaps, the most sought after way to develop in-demand skills is through e-learning. Online learning offers a plethora of options to help students experiment with unconventional skills that can help them define a career path. What makes online learning the best route to building in-demand skills is a combination of factors-

Accessibility and availability

To begin with, everyone acknowledges that the accessibility and availability of e-learning options trump any other alternative. Online tutoring modules can be accessed from even the remotest locations easily. You can easily leverage the knowledge and experience of global subject matter experts sitting across the globe through online tutoring and lessons. The ease of access to e-learning platforms comes with the ease of availability as well. E-learning is giving rise to the phenomenon of global on-demand learning. Here students can get assistance any time of the day. They no longer have to adhere to a strict time table that may hinder his/her learning capacity. Thus, accessibility and availability that accompany e-learning make it a perfect fit to help students learn and develop in-demand skills.

Rich options

Next in line comes the abundance of options e-learning brings along. This is a two-pronged advantage. Firstly, e-learning platforms offer its recipient’s numerous skills options to choose from. Unlike classroom education, students do not have to learn conventional subjects. Rather, they can choose to learn and build in-demand skills like marketing, designing, etc that can help them secure a job.

This freedom and privilege to choose the field one wants to excel in gets support from rich options of who one wants to learn from. This simply means that students can also pick and choose the subject matter expert they wish to learn from. They are no longer bound by geographical boundaries. Students can explore a plethora of subject matter experts out there. They can work with the ones that make a perfect match. Therefore, it is the availability of options in terms of the field as well as the field experts that make online learning the best way to develop in-demand skills.

Disruptive technology

The one major tenet on which online learning has been able to outshine any other form of learning is the use of disruptive technology. Technological innovations have made learning not only more accessible but more interesting for the students as well. The new innovations like Virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, etc are redefining the way learning and retention take places. They are offering immersive learning experiences which can help students imbibe in-demand skills rather than just read about them. Thus, disruptive technological advances form the breeding ground for effective online learning. They enhance its potential to help students gauge job skills.


Finally, this factor makes online learning the best route to building in-demand skills. Most e-resources are available at affordable prices. A lot of quality content is also available online free of cost. This encourages students from all rungs of the economy to take interest in and pick up new in-demand skills that may be very costly through conventional channels. Thus, through online learning, skilling comes to them at a fraction of the cost and thus, benefiting a greater pool of aspirants. Therefore, competitive pricing and affordability make online learning the #1 platform to learn and refine in-demand skills.

In a nutshell, e-learning platforms have multiple benefits. They make it an attractive proposition to experiment with, especially when it comes to harnessing in-demand skills. While this is a short list, e-learning brings along numerous other advantages as well that makes it uniquely positioned as the most effective route to building job skills today.

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