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EdTech refers to education technology, which encompasses the use of technology resources such as software solutions and tools in the field of education. These include the use of videos, augmented reality, automated tutoring, online homework help, online degree platforms to impart education to students in a fun and efficient manner.


The Covid-19 pandemic forced the world to stay at home and showed us the importance of online education in teaching and learning. According to HolonIQ, the global edtech market is expected to reach $404B by 2025. Thus, edTech should be used regularly for imparting education and not just as a tool used in case of a crisis.

Benefits of EdTech for Students and Teachers

There are numerous benefits of learning from edtech platforms for both students and teachers. In addition to accessing the best online tutors, students can leverage different forms of learning and teachers can explore different pedagogies. Here is a list of the top advantages of EdTech.


Wider reach

EdTech allows students to have access to quality education which they may not normally have due to barriers such as remote geographical locations, physical disability, etc., that prevents them from physically attending classes.  Teachers can use EdTech to ensure the continuity of education for all students.

As the education imparted using technology doesn’t need the students or the teacher to be physically present in a classroom a larger number of students can be taught at the same time.

Self-paced learning

Not all students have the same grasping power, some need a longer time to understand the concepts as compared to others. Using EdTech, the teachers can record video lectures that the students can watch as per their suitability. The students have the option of pausing and reflecting on the lesson being taught which is not possible during normal classroom teaching. A student can listen to the lecture multiple times till they can fully understand the concept being taught

Increased student interest and engagement

Visual elements used for imparting education help the student process information faster and retain it for a longer time. Stepping away from the monotony of the regular classroom format EdTech allows the teachers to present their lecturers in a variety of formats, this can involve the use of audio, video, slideshows, and interactive tools. This makes the learning fun for students and increases their engagement levels in the class. Teachers can go ahead with the lessons without the worry of students getting distracted.

Personalized learning

The teachers can use EdTech tools to track the progress of each student individually and understand the areas where each student needs help. EdTech can be further used to create personalized lessons for students. Assistive technology tools can help educators improve the learning experience for students from diverse backgrounds.  Using technology the teachers can focus better on the needs and goals of individual students and customize the lessons for them as per their ability. This helps the students to become more confident and do better in areas of academic weakness.

Easier assessment and grading

EdTech can make the task of grading and assessment easier for teachers. Various tools can be used to automate grading and help track the progress of students in real-time. Teachers can use various assessment tools to accurately measure learning individually and in groups.

24/7 access

Using the EdTech tools the teachers and students can use different apps to communicate with each other after school hours without sharing their contact number or e-mail id. The teachers have the option of assigning homework to the students, sending information about upcoming school activities, creating homework reminders, etc., any time of the day.

Interactive classrooms

EdTech uses a combination of hardware solutions such as interactive displays, projectors, and technology including gamification, augmented reality, virtual reality, etc., to make learning an immersive experience for the students. The students can learn various concepts of maths, science, languages while playing games. The use of augmented reality and virtual reality help students visualize abstract concepts by presenting them in 3D.

 Effective feedback

Timely and effective feedback is very important in improving student performance. EdTech tools allow teachers to provide students with personalized feedback in real-time. The use of audio and video tools such as casting the assignment done by the student on-screen and using audio to walk through it in detail helps the student understand the parts on the assignment that need improvement.

For enhancing the learning experience, the teachers should encourage the students to give them feedback on their lesson quality and delivery. Sometimes due to the fear of being scolded the students shy away from sharing their feedback. By using online polls, surveys, group feedback sessions the students can provide their feedback to the teachers which can help them plan their lessons more effectively.

Increased student collaboration

To learn better, students need to interact with their peers and teachers, express their ideas, answer queries and engage in debates with their peers. In a traditional classroom setup, this collaboration is mostly limited to the students sitting in the front row near to the teachers leading to the back-benchers missing out on these classroom discussions. Technology can help students collaborate, exchange ideas, and learn from each other from anywhere and anytime. Students can work remotely on group projects with students from different geographic locations and diverse backgrounds. EdTech helps the teacher to accurately track the individual contribution and progress in group projects which is not feasible in traditional classrooms.

Saves time

The use of the right technology in the classroom can help both students and teachers save time. Simple tasks such as taking attendance daily and collating it at the end of the month can be easily done by using apps with a few swipes. This reduces the administrative burden on teachers giving them more instructional time in the classroom. The teachers can automate repetitive tasks and recorded lectures can be used multiple times. Students are also benefited as they do not have to spend time taking notes in the classroom and can use this extra time for learning.

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