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An approaching deadline is a source of worry for most students! What if you realize you have an assignment due for submission tomorrow, and you haven’t even started writing it? It will put you in a state of worry! Right? 90% of students, in this case, started searching google or asking friends how to do an assignment in a day? 

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Well! It’s time to put your worries aside as you have hit the right place. We have written this blog solely to answer this query and help you get stress free. After reading this blog, you can quickly write your assignment in a day. It seems Interesting, right? Keep reading to find out the recommended tips by experts!

Assignment Writing Tips

13 Tips for you- How to do an Assignment in a Day!

With no further ado, you can dive right into the steps to know, “How to do an assignment in a day?”

1. A Productive Start to Your Day

When you ask how to do an assignment in a day, the first step would be to give a productive start to your day. Start your day off with a nutritious and energizing breakfast to provide your body and mind with the energy to stay organized and productive. You are now ready to begin working on your task. The most crucial step is to choose a suitable workplace, as this will ensure that you complete the task on time. It is preferable to turn off your phone and go somewhere peaceful, where you will not face any disturbance.

2. Plan Your Time

When your deadline is approaching, students often start writing assignments. But it is not the right way! To achieve optimal productivity, create a plan of action by dividing the time left in hand for doing different tasks. For example, if you only have 8 hours available, allocate an hour for research, two hours for brainstorming ideas and organizing points, four hours for writing the assignment, and an hour for proofreading and editing.

3. Overcome the Distractions

Do you feel that social media consumes all your time, but you can’t stop using it? Let me share a fact! Studies have shown that social media sites and other texting applications are two of the most common roadblocks to completing your homework before the deadline. To meet the deadline, you must try to overcome distractions in your life. Log off of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and do not speak with your buddies on Whatsapp for some time, as they will stop you from completing your assignment on time.

4. Understand the Topic and Read the Guidelines

Every assignment is usually centered on a single topic, and depending on the nature of the topic, students must provide an objective or subjective response. As a result, it’s critical to comprehend the problem and know what you’re supposed to write in the assignment. Also, read your professor’s directions carefully because you get all the requirements you must follow while completing the assignment. Therefore, you can prevent making serious errors in your assignment by spending a few minutes comprehending the topic and reading the instructions. 

5. Establish Deadlines

Establishing deadlines helps you effectively manage your time. Effective time management can make a huge difference in your ability to succeed. Set a deadline for every task you perform (for example, brainstorming, generating an outline, writing the entire assignment, and complying with the specific guidelines of your professor) and stick to your schedule. Remember to take some time out to refresh your head. Otherwise, you will not be in a position to complete your work.

6. 1-hour Extensive Research on the Topic

Although it may appear counterintuitive, students can conduct significant research on any topic in just one hour. Read all you can get your hands on regarding the subject to add to your knowledge bank. It will help if you read multiple perspectives and viewpoints on the same issue by skimming through pages of books and articles online. It guarantees that you have compiled all the essential details regarding the subject without going into extensive analysis. In less than an hour, you’ll have read all of the resources on the subject that will help you create your perspective. It is the best technique to conduct research when short on time.  

7. Make a Rough Note of all the Points you want to Include

After you’ve completed your research and written all the vital points, it’s time to brainstorm and consider the facts and data that will help you create your perspective. Make a list of all the points you wish to cover in your assignment. This stage ensures that you don’t get caught in your thoughts and don’t waste time reiterating your opinions when writing.

8. Form a Skeleton of your Assignment

Do you know what the skeleton of an assignment is? An introduction, a thesis statement, the body of the assignment, and a conclusion. Therefore, before you begin writing, make a skeleton by outlining all of your ideas and points on paper.

9. Spend Time Creating a Good Hook for your Introduction Paragraph

It is finally time to write after completing the preparation, researching, brainstorming, and constructing the skeleton of the paper. The way you begin an assignment significantly impacts your score. It is critical for you to develop an intriguing first sentence or the hook to make your assignment enticing. Avoid introduction paragraphs to ensure originality and creativity.

10. For Writing Assignments, Logically Listing Points in Order

Following the introduction, you must logically list all the points to support your argument. It will ensure content flow in the assignment.

11. Conclude Strongly

Always make it a point to finish your assignment with a strong note, especially while writing a research paper. It would help you score high if you reiterated the main ideas in your assignment conclusion. 

12. Take Small Breaks When you Feel Exhausted

When you work till the wee hours to finish an assignment at the last minute, your mind and body will be exhausted. As a result, it will affect the quality of your work. Therefore, it’s critical to take small pauses now and again to avoid fatigue. 

13. Proofread and Edit

The last step to how to do an assignment in a day. Proofreading is a must if you are dealing with Online Assignment writing services. After you’ve completed the writing process and taken a small break, proofread your piece to look for and correct grammatical and logical errors. If you find any issues, trim them immediately to ensure that your assignment is error-free. Besides, you must dwell time to ensure that your assignment is factually correct.

4 Layer Process of Good Assignment Writing

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Final Verdict

Though we don’t advocate leaving your assignment till the last minute, we hope that this post will assist all students who are terrified of deadlines. It will be a boon for the students who don’t know how to do an assignment in a day.

If you found this article helpful and are searching for similar content regularly, TutorBin is there for you. We share such content regularly to help you with your studies. We wish you luck in your academic endeavors!

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