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Ever tried GQS?

GQS stands for Google Query String.

Unlike your normal Google Search, this is basically Google Search on Steroids.

As you can see in the picture above, using a parameter like a site: can help you filter google search results from a particular domain URL.

Few other parameters like ~ ” ” – .. have already been discussed in the picture above.

But one of the most helpful parameters for homework help is * (asterisk).

Asterisk or * is a wild card variable popular among software developers.

When you use Google with * parameter, it opens up a huge advantage.

For example:- often at times, we see that similar questions with different numbers have been given as homework.

If you can find a problem that is similar to the one given to you as homework, you can easily solve the problem at hand by following the same process.

Here’s an interesting blog post with use cases of various such search parameters using symbols for effective Google Search Experience

You may even watch this YouTube Video for some more tricks live in action.

The Hidmunities

The internet is a Mysterious Place.

It has everything you need if you know how to find them.

Hidden Communities or what we call ‘Hidmunities’ are one perfect example of such hidden gems on the internet.

They say that you can find an online community on almost any Topic.

Pets, Real Estate, Gaming and likewise: physics, chemistry, maths, and homework

Find A Forum ( ) is an interesting Website to find online forums related to a particular subject for free.

You should also use Facebook to look for Groups with your Class or your Subject Name.

Here’s one more resource for you to dig deep into finding online hidden communities & forums:-

Don’t force yourself to do homework

Many students would ask us how to force yourself to do homework?

Instead, you should be asking how to make yourself do homework.

There is a huge difference in Mindset between these two statements.

The first one subconsciously tells your Brain that “Homework” is a ‘boring’ thing to you.

It is so boring that you need to ‘FORCE’ yourself to do it!

In the second statement, we are training our minds to accept Homework as a normal day-to-day task.

Now, we just have to do it!

Help from Double F

Friends and Family are the closest people you can ask for help if you are stuck with your homework.

We often ignore their importance in Life. But, Friends and Family are the ones who would never judge you for your mistakes.

Statistically as well, most elder people in our family are more educated than us.

And the majority of your friends are solving the same homework problems you are solving. Give them a call and ask for their suggestion.

How do get motivated to do homework?

Now that you know how to finish homework faster, you might be wondering how to be motivated to do homework or how to get motivated to do school work?

Motivation to do homework or any other work is required when the task doesn’t supply our brain with Endorphins like dopamine or serotonin(happy hormones from quick wins).

Believe it or not, having no motivation to do homework has a lot to do with our excessive usage of smartphones.

I won’t tell you to stop using your smartphones. But, apps like Facebook, Instagram, PubG, etc. have made it easy for us to feel happy.

This new way of living where your feeling of happiness is only one click away makes it difficult for us to prioritize long-term happiness over short-term happiness.

Tasks like Homework take more hard work and effort. And your Brain overthinks about the mammoth tasks you will have to do to get your homework done.

Thus, you don’t have any homework motivation.

How to motivate yourself to do homework? Very Simple.

The answer is Gamification

Gamification is the process of Gamifying any boring task with elements traditionally used in Game Designing.

For example, Facebook using likes as a social reward for good content is Gamification of Content Creation.

DropBox giving you extra cloud storage for referring your friend to dropbox is also a type of gamification.

Similarly, you can use Gamification to motivate yourself to do homework.

Reward yourself with small food treats or even 5 mins of the video game on completing 1 question.

WARNING: This method will only work if you have self-control. If you end up eating an ice-cream tub in the name of rewarding yourself, it will have a bigger negative impact on your overall health.

Similarly, if you spend 2 hours playing video games after completing a single homework question, you’ll never finish your homework.

That’s exactly where we can use the Pomodoro technique to supercharge our Gamification Strategy.

In the Pomodoro technique, we should work for 25 minutes straight before taking a break.

Thus, you should as well try to focus on your homework for 25 minutes straight.

Once you’re done, you can reward yourself in that 5 minutes break.

Copy & Paste this code to share the infographic on your Site

Conclusion : How to get Homework done Fast?

  • Get Help from our Expert Tutors within seconds. Upload a picture of your Homework Problem at
  • Your answers might already be available on Google. Learn to Google effectively using Symbols like asterisk *, subtraction -, tilde ~, etc.
  • Find hidden communities relevant to your subject and problem. Example, if you have an Algebra problem = find algebra community on facebook or other places. Communities are always well equipped to solve such problems.
  • Stop overreacting to Homeworks. They are just problems you should solve to do better in Exams. Doing Homework is a normal thing and it helps you prepare for your exam as well. Knowing that you cannot solve a problem while trying to do it as a homework is much better than not being able to solve a similar problem during your exam.
  • We overlook our Friends and Family a lot. You should understand that most elders in your family knows more about your subject than you know about it. Even your friends are probably solving the same or a similar set of homework questions. When you have to do your homework fast, just call up your friends and ask for their help.
  • Lastly, getting motivated for homework is easy when you introduce gamification into it. Reward yourself after a 25 minutes of unbreakable focus from your homework. Don’t overdo the reward else it will have a bad impact on you.
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