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Surprisingly, it’s not dedication & luck that comes between you and your success. Most of your time is spent studying and in diverse academic activities as a student, though only a few can use the time wisely. But where do others go wrong? According to experts, students who aren’t strategic enough with their time and have some bad habits face failure. With the right strategy & elimination of “bad habits,” students optimize their efforts & ensure they achieve their desired success academically. It not only boosts their capacity to succeed but also makes their study time highly effective and helps them to know how to get homework done fast.  

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#10 Bad Habits that Prevent You to Study Efficiently

Having a strong team of tutors, TutorBin understands how students struggle to become successful during their academic years. In this article, our team jotted down ten bad habits that are pivotal in hindering you from performing your best. Read these and know how to get homework done fast and the ways to overcome your study hindrances. 

Doing your study without efficiently managing your time 

One of the most crucial study habits that profoundly impact students is their efficiency in handling time for study and using it wisely. Most students who fail to manage their study time find themselves amidst different study challenges. Most times, we have experienced that students don’t know how to get homework done fast and fail to submit their tasks on time. It occurs due to poor time management. Considering these conditions, our experts recommend students create a specific schedule and follow them religiously for their assignmnet help. It not only tracks your efforts but also saves time by reducing the time spent on unnecessary work.     

Studying without having any proper plan 

We’ve experienced that one factor is very common among students who are unable to perform well. That’s the inability to chalk out a proper plan to study. Unplanned studying lacks direction and could easily divert students’ attention from their tasks. Instead of grabbing whatever you feel like learning, plan ahead. You can schedule your learning priorities and goals to schedule a useful plan. Sketching a plan as per the importance eases your learning, allows you to perform more efficiently, and permits you to concentrate on other significant things in your life.  

Disorganized approach whenever you study 

We have started the list with the bad habits of inefficient time management & unplanned study bad habits, but the list doesn’t end here. The next bad study habit we will discuss is disorganization, which is directly related to planned studies. It may seem harmless compared to others, but it incorporates some negative aspects that could disturb your study if you look closely. Streamlining your study schedule & using time efficiently definitely makes your study easier. However, it could go wrong if you don’t find your notes or your study materials are not arranged properly due to the lack of organization. Overcoming this habit is not difficult, especially if you become proactive. Try to put your notes per your schedule and organize all the study materials depending on your study plan. 

The habit of procrastinating your tasks 

Procrastination:  This one word can become detrimental for students and often impede their academic progress. Diverse studies have revealed that students often procrastinate tasks due to their hidden fear of doing the tasks or ignore it just because they don’t feel inclined towards it. But the problem arises when students are compelled to do these tasks within a strict deadline, as it directly impacts their grades. Students, who feel the pressure of early task submission often ask us how to get homework done fast without procrastination.  

Under these circumstances, our expert team of tutors advises students to adhere to a strict agenda for fixing this bad habit. According to them, starting as early as possible permits students to get enough time to think about how they want the task to complete. If they think that it’s not possible to do the assigned task, it’s always better to request an expert to do my homework. Therefore, they will be able to submit it before the given deadline and also will be able to achieve good grades.  

Adopting rot memorization instead of meaningful learning

One of the most harmful habits that most students adopt nowadays is the practice of rote memorization. Studying for memorization often hinders students from fully focusing on their studies. They only think of passing the exams or finishing the coursework without realizing it actually hindering them to comprehend subjects and get a deeper concept understanding. They also lose interest in their studies and often go wrong when they think copying answers from friends is correct and that’s how to get homework done fast. 

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Practicing multitasking whenever you study  

Students often develop a thought process that multitasking is the best idea for studying. It’s one of the ultimate ways you can know how to get homework done fast. But unfortunately, it often backfires for most. Multitasking takes lots of effort and practice to integrate that habit successfully in your life without disturbing your normal pace. Those who don’t have excellent time management & organization skills should refrain from multitasking. 

Students have a misconception that shifting from tasks from time to time takes minimal effort to prepare and enables them to cover more tasks in less time. But the truth is switching takes longer time & also requires maximum effort to retain the knowledge they’ve gained. Instead of attempting multitasking, students need to study similar tasks at one time, or they can also complete them one by one. This will prevent dividing their attention and also save them from giving extra effort.  

Studying continuously without taking frequent breaks 

Some students feel that they lose focus on their studies by taking frequent breaks during their study time. In the worst cases, they become distracted and fail to make big improvements during their academic years. It is one of the biggest misconceptions that encourage students to drag their study time unnecessarily. Students who don’t take enough rest often tend to forget due to exhaustion. As per experts, this situation is also harmful to them, and continuing this practice for a prolonged time could disrupt students’ lives. The exact reason why studying continuously without breaks is considered a bad habit, and experts recommend taking specific corrective measures against it. First, they need to refresh their mind by taking a 10 to 20-minute break between their study schedule. Secondly, they should try to relax to preserve their energy and maintain productivity for longer. 

Copying what others are doing during their studies 

One of the most common bad study habits that students, even parents, are pursuing nowadays is following one particular process for everyone. Not every student is the same. Similarly, their studying technique should be different as per their pace of learning, knowledge retention, and capacity to learn. One process that puts a student at an advantage can put other students in a challenging situation. Therefore, blindly mimicking the same process of a successful student can’t be fruitful to others. Instead, try to find out what process suits you the best and schedule your study routine accordingly. With your own style of studying, you will be able to know how to get homework done fast and continue to obtain higher grades in academics.  

Accessibility of your phone when you sit to study 

Social media is ruling this 21st century. Therefore, it has a deeper influence on young minds. Students in grad school or universities are the majority who browse social network sites regularly. The impulse to browse these social media accounts has become an addiction, and now students are becoming the most affected ones. 

Research has revealed that constant browsing and attachment to these networking sites not only cause disruption in their study times but also play a pivotal role in creating stress and anxiety. Due to excessive use of social media, students are now demonstrating poor academic performance. Our experts suggest avoiding social media access whenever you sit for your study. Set a goal to minimize access as much as possible. Gradually, it helps you to overcome the habit and also enables you to increase your focus on your studies. 

Cramming before the exam night 

Last but not least, one of the strategic mistakes that students often make during their academic years is cramming just before the exam night. Some students prefer cramming the night before the exam day, thinking that it’s effective to make them remember more of what they’ve studied recently. Experts have seen that this mentality causes extreme stress among students due to a lack of sleep and adequate rest. Avoid the habit of cramming before the exam. Instead, you can start your exam preparations early. Rely on a slow yet steady pace of learning. Try it with ease and review your coursework consistently. This sole step assists your brain in better knowledge retention. It also encourages you to learn more and perform well in exams without taking too much pressure. 


Chucking these bad habits helps students to know how to get homework done fast, other than developing an understanding of organizing yourself to improve and succeed in academics. Follow our blog regularly to know more about study help and learning improvement. You can also opt for TutorBin expert help to get your homework done fast and achieve your desired academic success without wasting much time and effort.

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