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College students lead busy lives with deadline-driven submissions, examinations, and social activities, etc. Trying to balance academic life with part-time jobs and after-school activities becomes an uphill task for many.  Being in college gives you the freedom to organize your day yourself.  You might get tempted to spend more time on leisure activities than studying leading to piling up unfinished homework assignments.  Effective time management is a very important skill that every college student should learn. Time management can be mastered with practice and intent. There are several time management tips that you can follow to lead a healthy study life balance. 

time management tips

Top Time Management Tips

If you are not able to manage your time you will regularly miss assignment deadlines or submit hastily written assignments which will result in lower grades, Several time management tips can help you avoid procrastination leading to lesser stress and better grades. Effective time management skills can keep you on track and help you accomplish more. Here are some time management tips that you can follow to meet deadlines and also have some free time for yourself.

time management tips

Set goals

Setting short-term and long-term goals can help you in using your time wisely. You can set daily, weekly, or semester-wise goals depending on your homework assignments, examination schedules, coursework, etc. Not knowing what you intend to achieve will make it difficult for you to manage your time. Once you have decided on your goals you can work towards them and make the best use of your time. Reaching your goals also gives a feeling of satisfaction and achievement. 

Plan ahead

Planning is crucial to achieving goals. You can create a to-do list and prioritize the tasks at hand based on the submission deadlines and urgency. Setting up a schedule is essential for effective time management. Having set the full day’s schedule can help you set aside some time for relaxation each day. When you plan, the quality of your work also improves. 

Follow a routine

Setting up and following a routine is one of the essential time management tips you can follow. An established routine can help you create healthy habits and reduce uncertainties. You can set aside time for studying and completing your assignments based on the time of the day you feel you can focus the most. Some of you might want to study first thing in the morning while others might find learning late at night more effective. 

Stay organized

Being organized is one of the time management tips which can help you save time. Keep your notes and files organized so that you do not spend unnecessary time trying to locate them. A tidy study environment can help you easily access your study material. Any other tools such as a Math calculator online, industry-specific software which you might require should be handy while studying. Staying organized also makes you feel more in control and reduces anxiety.

Avoid distractions

Distractions can steer you away from your goals. Distractions are all around us, most students are mainly distracted by digital devices such as their smartphones, tablets, etc. One of the most useful time management tips is to keep away from all kinds of distractions. You need to identify what makes you lose your focus the most. For keeping away from digital distractions you can either leave your internet-enabled devices in a separate room or use apps that can lock you out of the internet for a few hours. This is one of the time management tips that can help you stay focussed on the task at hand and complete tasks with ease.

time management tips

Ask for help

You can take guidance from your teachers and peers for time management tips. Seeing how your friends can manage their time will help you stay motivated. Also, as your classmates are sailing in the same boat as you are, their time management tips might be helpful for you.  You can take their advice but ensure that you follow the time management tips which are best suited for you. What works for your friend might not exactly work for you. 

Set time limits

Decide on time limits for specific tasks and activities. This will help you spend time wisely on a task and avoid unnecessary lingering on one assignment. Once you know how much time it would take for you to complete one assignment you can anticipate how much you can achieve in a particular day. Set aside more time for assignments that are lengthy or difficult. Try to finish the tasks within the time limits so that you can accomplish whatever you have planned for the day. 

Reward yourself

When you complete a task reward yourself with a small break or a treat. Breaks can help you avoid burnout. Rewards also help you stay motivated towards your goals. Keep your breaks short as long breaks make it difficult to come back and focus on the task at hand. 

Prioritize tasks

Decide which tasks are urgent and important and allocate time accordingly. Prioritize your tasks such that you can focus on both coursework as well as your personal life. You can choose to complete the easier tasks early on or tackle the difficult ones. Prioritizing tasks will help you submit assignments within the deadlines. 

Learn to say no

When you are facing a deadline, learn to say no to unnecessary commitments. However appealing, going for a movie or hanging out with your friends may look like you have to cancel on a few plans if you have to manage your time effectively. This does not mean that you have to neglect your social life. You can make time for leisure activities as per your study schedule. 

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