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It is true that a classroom is the abode of knowledge and learning. But it is also true that learning doesn’t end within those four walls. Increasingly, studies are showing that classroom learning constitutes only a segment of the holistic development of an individual. In fact, lessons learned outside the classroom, for instance in the sports field, in the dance hall, among others beautifully augment in-class learning and contribute to the overall development. Let’s explore how learning takes place beyond classroom and supplements what takes place inside it.

Lessons from outside

Learn from the Sports Field

The sports ground is always a student’s paradise during school days. It is often seen as a place to de-stress oneself and relax the mind. While it is true that the sports field in an excellent stress buster, it is also a site for learning and growth. Students learn from the sports field the value of being a team player and the need to engage in a group to succeed. Additionally, the sports field teaches the students the ability to face failures and take them on with a positive spirit. Therefore, it prepares them for the challenges they will face in the world outside where just having language and mathematical skills won’t do the trick.

Learn from Arts

Arts in the form of painting and sketching or performing arts like music and dance are exceptional reserves of knowledge. After a certain age, students are often discouraged to indulge in different art forms as they are seen as a waste of time, not adding any value to their lives. However, this is a sad misconception. Indulging in arts helps the students develop patience and inner strength. It teaches them the way and route to be in control of oneself. Students who miss out on at least one form of art often find themselves frustrated. They are unable to take the pressure of academics due to the inability to channelize their energy. Thus, the greatest learning from arts that students derive is to don a calm personality.

Learn from the Internet

With the advent of technology, learning from the internet has become an essential aspect of education. This is not to say that e- learning is replacing classroom learning, rather it is emerging as a supplement to it. Students can learn anytime, and from anywhere over the internet. Additionly, online tutoring exposes them to a network of subject matter experts to provide answers to questions and assignment help. Increasingly, students all across the globe are realizing the value of online tutoring. They are seeing e- learning as a means to augment their knowledge. They have the freedom to explore different formats of learning, learn at their convenience and get personalized attention from private tutors.

The above three avenues are a few among the various learning paths that are coming up to help students learn better. This in no way is suggestive of the fact that classroom education is losing its relevance. What is important is to understand that the present era is moving beyond the classroom. Students, teachers and parents alike are acknowledging the lessons from the world outside the classroom. They agree that they will be extremely effective in the holistic growth and development.

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